Extra Distribution files for gamebuino meta emulator (new skin & scale to fit window)


I did a merge pull request on aoneill01’s excelent gamebuino emulator (it has helped me a lot with development already) to add extra distribution files for the emulator. Mainly to add an extra skin and make the console layout’s scale to fit the window of the browser.

I’m not sure if people are aware but you can just upload the dist folder from the github to a website and let it load your bin file of your game using parameters in the urls. Unfortunatly due to CORS grabbing bin files remotely does not seem to work but you can still use it on your own site or even when doing a release on itch.io (to create a runnable in browser entry).

Basically in the dist folder there existed a few other html files besides the default index.html to load files in the emulator.

For example console.html already existed and all you had todo is supply the bin parameter with a link to your file (on your server) to load the bin file into the emulator.

Like so for example:
https://www.joyrider3774.xyz/gamebuino/console.html?bin=waternet.ino.bin and it would display the emulator with a console skin (just like on the website here).

Now what did i add ?

  • console-fullscreen.html: displays the same as console.html but will scale according to browsers dimensions, while keeping aspect ratio. Potentially usefull on a phone if your phone can handle the emulator Try it out here
  • console2.html: is the same as console.html but with a new console skin (based on this picture from one of the tutorials) try it out here
  • console2-fullscreen.html: the same as console-fullscreen.html but with a new skin (based on this picture. It is Potentially usefull on a phone if your phone can handle the emulator Try it out here
  • emulator-fullscreen.html: same as emulator.html but will scale according to browsers dimensions / container, while keeping aspect ratio. Also added an autostart parameter for this file so you don’t have to press the play link. I mainly created this one to be used on itch.io when i will release my waternet game so people can play it in the browser from there (i’ll make another topic about this to explain how this works once i’m finished with it) but be aware in this file there are no mouse & touch screen controls only keyboard Try it out here

Hope this is usefull to someone. Also i do not know who created the initial gif image i edited to make the new console skin for the emulator but he deserves the credit for the skin. All i did was edit the skin to make sure everything is in the same position as in the default (console.html) skin.


it’s a great step forward for sharing games on platforms like itch, and making the console better known.

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Yes indeed it was one of the reasons i made the changes to be able to use it there. But i will need to check how i can add this to the WASM emulator as well, as i want to use the WASM version now that i got my sound & music working with it

Hey aoneill implemented these directly into the wasm emulator now.

i’ll explain a bit:
index.html has gotten a style picker to switch between original console, new console or no skin.

He also added a fullscreen.html file which accepts bin= and optionally background= parameter examples:

Fullscreen without console skin:

Fullscreen with original console skin:

Fullscreen with new console skin:

You can also edit fullscreen.html and set the background using background=x attribute on the <gamebuino-emulator> tag.
For example this will show the new console skin
<gamebuino-emulator src="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Rodot/Games-META/master/binaries/METAtris/METAtris.bin" background="2"></gamebuino-emulator>

He also added the package and the html files directly on his github repo as well as githubpages. So if your game is located on github you directly link against these files using the https://aoneill01.github.io/wasm-gamebuino/fullscreen.html url and using bin= to link against your game hosted on github. If you host it elsewhere it probably won’t be able to load it directly due to CORS (security) blockage.

You can however host the files yourself if you want to these are the files you will need to copy then while keeping the structure (download the sources as a zip file then you can easily copy them)

and if you are only interested in the fullscreen.html files you can easily rename fullscreen.html to index.html


Thank you,
We will take a closer look as soon as we have some time.