New (Wip) creation: Waternet - by joyrider3774


I’m making this topic already as i have bought a Gamebuino-meta (it still has to arrive) and i’m porting my waternet game to it.

Waternet is a multiplatform puzzle game initially written for old consoles and handhelds like Game Boy (Color), Game Gear, Master System, Analogue Pocket and Mega Duck using the gbdk sdk. This a port with many changes to make it work for the Gamebuino Meta based on my arduboy port

The aim of the game, in any game mode is always to connect all pipes so that water can flow through them from the water point source. How you can accomplish this depends on the game mode. The game has a help section in the main menu where you can always check up on the rules of each game mode.

The game is not finished but i already setup a continues build system on each push on github so people can try it out while i’m still working on it. You can find those builds in actions sections on my github and for each build there will be an artifact uploaded from the compiled binary which you can download if you are logged in to github.

if you are interested on how todo this yourself you can take a look at the github build action in my repo. I’m not sure if it’s the correct way of doing it but it does seem to work for me

Here is also a youtube video showing my progress so far


Thank you for sharing with us your progress on your project and, in particular, for the set of tools you are using for the implementation. I hope that these elements will be inspiring for those who would also like to make their own game on META. This approach is quite rarely applied by community contributors, so it is all the more remarkable here. Well done.

One remark though: the images in your file on GitHub don’t show up correctly in the rendering (wrong paths or missing files).

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Thank you for this contribution to our community of enthusiasts.
We will closely follow the evolution!

Thanks, Github actions are really quite powerfull, you can do (compile) almost anything, i had noticed on the arduboy forums people were not aware of it either.

I’m aware of this, i took the readme from arduboy port and adapted that file but i have not received my gamebuino meta yet so i could not take the pictures yet but i left the links in so i can easily replace just the filenames or add the files with the same name.


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I edited the now and removed the invalid links and added to game mode pictures.

I also tried fixing sound & music in the latest build, but that is really hard without having the real device to test on. I will probably have to wait until i have received it to test this (should not take long)

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Yes, it really shouldn’t take long.

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It would seem i had accidently created a topic manually here instead of using the normal method i was not aware of this and it has created another topic by uploading my game.

the link to the real release topic is this one New creation : Waternet - by joyrider3774

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Yes, the topic on the forum is created automatically from the description on the game sheet. But it doesn’t matter :wink:
You must also avoid modifying the topic on the forum because it is regenerated if you modify the description on the game sheet.
Great job !