What is shipping time like to the US?

Ordered back on May 2nd or 3rd, and the La Poste tracking has been silent now for about a week. Im not worried or anything, just curious what other people’s experiences with this might be.


Don’t worry, the tracking service of the French Post Office is quite deplorable in general, but is even more so in the last few months.

I live in Reunion Island, which is a French island, lost in the Indian Ocean, located 10,000 km from France. I placed an order myself on Sunday, April 25. The parcel was picked up by La Poste on Wednesday, April 28. I received my package yesterday, Tuesday May 11, so 14 days after it was picked up. During all this period, it was impossible for me to check its follow-up on the website of La Poste.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the airline companies have reduced the frequency of international flights with the crisis we are going through. This slows down the delivery, even if it doesn’t solve the problem of tracking.

You just have to be patient… :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to know, thank you!

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At the moment, transportation to the USA takes about 10 days. This may vary as there are few international flights at this time.
Watch your mailbox;)

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Still no sign of it, and still no update on the tracking number with La Poste, or the US Postal Service.