SD init... failed

Got my Gamebuino META today, downloaded a whole bunch of games, they all showed up in the loader, everyhing was great!

So I looked around in the menus a bit and, without thinking too hard, hit the enter bootloader option to see what it does. Now every time I restart the device I get “SD INIT… FAILED” followed by “No games found!” even though everything’s still on the SD card. (I also tried a backup of the original SD card, but got the same error.)

Any ideas? :frowning:

So after resetting and formatting didn’t do anything either, I got my hands on a brand-new SD card today and it’s working with that one. So it weirdly seems like bootloader mode broke the included card (or maybe it was coincidence and it was already faulty). It’s also strange that the card works perfectly fine on my PC when put into a card reader.

Anyways, glad to have it back up and running! :sweat_smile:

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Hello @Ludokultur,
we are sorry for this mishap.
I have no explanation as to what could have happened.
The old SD card still works on your computer ?

NOTE: the procedure for reinstalling a new card is described here : Reinstall the SD card of your Gamebuino

It would be interesting to understand what happened with your SD card…

It’s really strange. The SD cards works perfectly fine (judging from the couple things I tried) on my computer as a regular storage device. It’s specifically the Gamebuino that’s not able to read it anymore for some reason. :thinking:

If we reset the card with the above procedure, can the Gamebuino read the card again?

Unfortunately no, that’s what I tried first.

If you don’t mind, would it be possible to send the SD card back to us for expertise in a simple envelope, possibly taped to a small piece of cardboard to prevent it from coming in crumbs?

Our office address is:


And the strangeness continues. So I already had the envelope next to me, but then it occured to me that I never tried the old card again after the new one had worked. So I gave it “one last try” and tada it’s working again as if nothing was ever wrong with it. Maybe the device just needed to realize that not all SD cards are evil. :stuck_out_tongue:


SD cards and other memory devices work in mysterious ways. I once had a hard-drive randomly UNPLUG itself despite being screwed down to a steel frame.

this adventure will therefore remain an unexplained mystery of the universe :wink: