Removing Wood Finish from Device for Servicing

Hi everyone. Been playing with my Gamebuino Meta since Oct and absolutely love it. However, the speaker connections weren’t quite seated correctly and the speaker only works occasionally or if I put pressure on the left side of the device.

What’s the best way to get the wood off the device and open it up? I have a soldering iron coming.

I’m a bit of a noob to all this, but I’m willing to learn and make mistakes.

Hello David,

There is nothing to solder, the speaker contact is maintained by pressure.
The speaker is at the top right of the console, behind the 3 small round holes, and it’s strange that this solves the problem by pressing on the left side;)

It is possible to remove the wood skin once or twice by gently peeling it off. Do not pull too much on the area cut on the sides: you can slip your fingers between the console and the skin to accompany the dismantling.

Then, the case is simply clipped: you can press the clips from the rear face with a fingernail or a soft plastic tool (to avoid damaging)

If you wish, you can return the console to us for repair at the following address:

25 rue Ducaruge
42100 Saint-Etienne

Oops! Thank you. Yes, the right side. I was able to gently lift it with a spudger, open, and reseat, and all is well.


you are a maker!