No games menu on startup

Hi, When I start my Gamebuino there is no games menu.
It asks for language (English), then my name.
The displays this screen.
Gamebuino screen
With four options: backlight, sound, picture and movie.

I can load individual games files from the Arduino interface and they work fine.
I have reformatted and reloaded the SD card. With no change.

Thanks for your help

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Hi David,

You must copy and paste games to the SD card after formatting.

Good game

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hello David,
I’m sorry for this mishap with your console.

does the menu button work correctly (the button circled in orange here).


It is this key that normally brings up this menu.
Perhaps the button got stuck during the long transport to your home…

Please keep me informed.

Hello Jean-Marie,
After selecting English as the language, I am asked to enter my name (David).
I then press the menu button. This brings up the screen in the photo.
You can see that the name is not displaying as readable below GAMEBUINO. Also the writing below the four icons is not readable.
Pressing the menu button takes me back to to “What’s your name?” screen.

I have reformed the SD card and reloaded the games from both my Mac and Windows computers. The games all show up on the directory of the SD card.

Thank you for your help.