New creation : lapinou's adventures - by r043v

Lapinou s adventures

démo technique d’un plateformer

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Hi, the demo is super. Too bad, don’t works fine in emulator.
The link for the video on Youtube is broken when i try it too… but it’s works if you copy adress and past it in your navigator. I try to make a link to see if it’s works: lapinou's adventures / gamebuino - YouTube

thanks for the link, i cannot edit here, yet i fixed the creation page, missed the “?” in uri

yet emulator don’t really like my dma code

you can see than screen is not cleared, i clear buffer using dma,
also i run drawing code two time, and so send 1/2 screen part by dma, emulator only take first part so it show top part two time yet

i may give a look a day at emulator dma codebut yet i’m pretty busy actually irl :frowning:

Yes, you that you can and your interventions are very good in the little word of the Gamebuino world so better to have you a few than nether :slight_smile: Do that you can when you can and yes, be able to have a new version of the emulator more quick, able to display your works and maybe to play sound could be great but it’s take alot of time to do so maybe a day if you have time and want do it :slight_smile:

thanks for the link)))