New creation : Céleste Classic - by minirop

Celeste classic

This is a port of Céleste Classic from PICO-8 on META.

Controls: A to jump, B to dash and menu button to restart the level.

I decided that it's a finished version (v1.0). The game is complete gameplay wise but has no audio, no graphical effects, and not all the hairs of Madeline change when she dashes.

I'll see if I can optimize the game more so I can add effects and audio. (no promises)



Ceci est un portage de Céleste Classic, de la PICO-8 vers la META.

Boutons : A pour sauter, B pour faire un dash, bouton menu pour relancer le niveau.

J'ai décidé que le jeu était terminé (v1.0). Il est complète d'un point de vue gameplay, mais n'a pas d'audio, aucun effet graphique, et tous les cheveux de Madeline ne changent pas quand elle dash.

Je vais essayer d'optimiser le jeu pour y inclure les effets et l'audio. (je ne promets rien)

Amusez-vous bien !

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:fr: Bravo, très joli portage !
C’est fluide et très beau sur Gamebuino :wink:

:uk: Bravo, very nice portage!
It’s fluid and very beautiful on Gamebuino;)

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I noticed that I was allocating a bigger image than wanted (256x256 instead of 128x128), so maybe that will fix the hard fault some people had with the game.


another bug from the same source was the clouds not popping back when going out of the screen on screen 7, my previous fix was only partial, now the clouds are working again and make the berry obtainable.


My level is too bad… i can’t reach this part of the game… But game is very good