New creation : AirPlane - by Frakasss


Last project I’m working on…
Still have a lot to do, but need to share (to show that some Gamebuinians are still there! :D)
Here are the planned upgrades:

  • be hit by ennemie’s bullets
  • add levels
  • add boss
  • add game over
  • optional : add music and sounds

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Holy crap. Just like old game on Pegasus. Continue work. Looks promising :slight_smile:

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Pegasus? Do you have a game name? :smiley:
I was actually working based on “Sky destroyer” on NES:


Sky destroyer - that’s exactly this game :smiley: About Pegasus - that was the name of cheap chinese clone of NES in Poland. I was playing this in 90s as a kid. But i’ve remembered this game.

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Good job, that looks very slick :slight_smile:

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Fantastic game! I eager to port it for ESPboy )