Music Daw for gamebuino

Is there a program to make music in gamebuino or in C ++?

Nope, not really. You have programms to play them. For example you have: Music Player - Gamebuino
We have some informations here: Music examples for original Gamebuino? - Gamebuino and the more advanced was the creation of Eriban: Music Demo - Gamebuino and he was explaining how create music with PICO-8 tools and play them on the META.

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For the music I don’t think so, but there is this intersting tool that allows you to create SFX with wave forms and a basic sequencer : Gamebuino Sound FX Creation Tool (GSFX GUI) - Gamebuino
edit: From what I can remember, the sound API in the gamebuino is a bit unclear.

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what kind of thing do you want to do?
If the above examples aren’t enough for you, don’t hesitate to ask.
there is still little about music: it could be a good opportunity to complete the tutorials.