Mini-code : using a moisture sensor on Gamebuino Meta

You can find here the code I wrote to use a moisture sensor with the Gamebuino Meta. It provides a simple reading of the sensor feedback and displays a visual interpretation for easy use. Feel free to use this code for your own projects and discuss it.

/*Code by Tom from Gamebuino team
 * version 1.0
 * 22 of april 2021
 * Intended as an example of hardware integration for Gamebuino Meta

#include <Gamebuino-Meta.h>

//variable declaration for the sensor value and its conversion to percent
int32_t i32_moisture_value;
int32_t i32_moisture_percent;

//define of the analog pin used to plug the sensor, here it's A1
#define ANALOG A1

//define the delay between two alert sounds in miliseconds, here 5000 for 5 seconds
#define TICK_DELAY 5000
//declaration of the two variables needed to calculate time between two alerts
int32_t i32_last_tick;
int32_t i32_now_tick;
//this allows us to setup a basic timer functionnality

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

  //initialization of the time variable to get a reference point (is close to 0 in this case)
  i32_last_tick = millis();

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
  while (!gb.update());

  // the logic function will handle the math needed for the program

  //the draw function will handle the display of all the elements needed for the program

void  logic(){
  // we read the value from the moisture sensor plugged to the analog port A1
  // We need to substract this value from the max value of 1023 since the sensor output is inversely proportional to moisture detected
  i32_moisture_value = 1023 - analogRead(ANALOG);
  // we convert the value from a range of 0 to 1023 to a percentage
  i32_moisture_percent = (i32_moisture_value * 100) / 1023;

  //by storing the value returned by the milis() in one variable and comparing it to a reference we establish a timer system
  //we then make the console emit a ticking sound at every TICK_DELAY interval if the moisture value is below a certain threshold, here 20%
  i32_now_tick = millis();
  if (i32_moisture_percent < 20 && i32_now_tick - i32_last_tick > TICK_DELAY){
    i32_last_tick = millis();

void  draw(){
  // the clear function is needed to reset the screen between each frame, otherwise frames would mix together and get messy

  // we print the value read from the moisture sensor and its value when converted to percentage
  gb.display.print("sensor value = ");
  gb.display.print("\nmoisture \% = ");

  //we draw a simple white rectangle to act as a gauge then fill it with another blue one whose lenght is tied to percentage
  //note that we don't need to specifiy the white color for the forst rectangle since it is the default display color
  gb.display.drawRect(5, gb.display.height()-15, gb.display.width()- 10, 10);
  gb.display.fillRect(6, gb.display.height()-14, (i32_moisture_value * (gb.display.width()- 12)) / 1023, 8);

Here are pictures showing how to the sensor is plugged on the console using the developper backpack expansion board for Gamebuino Meta :
The power and ground are connected to 3v3 and ground pins respectively while the sensor output is plugged into the analog pin A1.

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