Image Transcoder

Wo ist die transkodierte Datei IMAGE,_DATA gespeichert, finde sie nicht, muss sie in eine .h Datei kopiert werden?

Gruß Rainer

You can read this tutorial: Handling images on the Gamebuino META - Overview
Else transcoder can be used here: Image Transcoder v2.0

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Copy Source Code, wo finde ich die transkodierte Datei IMAGE_DATA? erkenne ich aus dem Tutorial nicht!
Gruß Rainer

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When you drop the image, you adjust parameters (Witdth, height), asw… the button trancode is active then. You clic on it, data appear in the right windows od the transcoder.
Then you can select code, copy and past it in your code or use the button below transcode: “Copy source code” and paste it too in your code

Thank You,
My fault was, that I tried to paste the Data into a File, not into a document
regards. Rainer


Have fun and i hope you’ll make cool things :slight_smile:

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@Rainer Hi Rainer, i just asked me if you are alot german users ? I asked me that as if you are enough you could maybe have a german section as maybe not all users speak english (even germans are often better in langages than frenchs… :wink: )

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Hallo Jicehel,
I have no idea, how much german users use Gamebuino Meta, I think on the basis of requests you have a better picture
I would appreciate to have more german contributions, as I have troubles ith the french ones
regards Rainer

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I don’t have very precise figures in mind:
first, Gamebuinos users are French, and second, they are Germans;)

Only one solution: Germans users let us know that you’re here :slight_smile: