Gb.sound.tone/play -> no tone

the commands gb.sound.tone/play have no effect, no tone no error report

Hi Rainer,
Is the sound enabled on the settings menu ( and volume sufficient ) ?
For example, for a A tone of 220Hz, you can use this example:

#include <Gamebuino-Meta.h>
void setup() {

void loop() {
  if (gb.buttons.pressed(BUTTON_A)) {
  // let's play a tone with a frequency of 220Hz for one second
  gb.sound.tone(220, 1000);

Thank you JMP,
the sound was not enabled.
Is there a detailed description of the functions of the setting menue?
Is the sound information available on a pin on the arduino shield?
Is there a list, which arduino-pins are reserved for internal use (buttons …) and which are available for external use, connection of devices or sensors?
regards Rainer

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Hi Rainer,
The setting menu is designed to be intuitive.
obviously, if you do not understand how to activate the sound, we are here !

The are no pin on the extension header with this information.

Used pin of the J1 extension connector can be found here :

Sorry, the documents is not yet translated in English :wink:

Hallo JMP,

thank you for that information,
it means, that I can use all pins on the Arduino Shield according their Arduino specification

regards Rainer

Just note the pins internally used : spi interface and analog sound output.