Gamebuino META white screen, no reaction also after reset

Gamebuino META white screen, no reaction also after reset

can I send the device somewhere for repair or replacement?

regards Rainer Thiele

Hi @Rainer,

Before sending it back, try this trick first.
The screen connector is probably loose…

unfortunately this procedure doesn’t solve the problem,
the problem occured after I inserted the Breadboard Backpack

the USB connection is not recocnized by the PC, the LED is on

regards Rainer

Did you solder the headers yourself?
Did you solder them in the right way?
Did you make sure that there was no contact between the solder bubbles?

Does the problem occur only after inserting the backpack or when you connect external modules to the backpack headers?

In particular, avoid using the SPI pins that are used by the microcontroller to communicate with the display and the microSD card reader…

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Please check your soldering for any shorts between two pins. I did some backpack soldering recently and it can be quite tricky with a medium iron. If your soldering is fine try to flash your sd card anew. Lastly if you have a magnifier try checking the soft connector of your screen to see if it’s not damaged. Otherwise we’ll try to diagnose the issue with you, but doing do remotely might be a bit complicated. I wish you good luck.

Hi @Rainer,

The first thing to do:

  • Remove the backpack AND the SD card.
  • Turn on the console.

Is something showing on the screen ?

hi jmp
no effect, the backpack was only inserted once for test.

I rather think that it is a software problem

is there the possibillity to flash the bootloader with an Arduino UNO?

otherwise the device is lost

Hi Rainer,

It is indeed possible that it is a software problem.
To reprogram the bootloader, you need an ISP probe.

If you do not have this tool, you will need to return the
console at our office.

Did you keep the original packaging of the console ?

don’t have an ISP probe and also don’t have the orginal package of the console anymore
I consider the device as lost

thank you for your effort
regards Rainer

Hi Rainer,
can you find an equivalent packaging that will protect the console for the trip to our offices?
A small box with a crumpled sheet of paper cushioning may do the trick very well.

to which address shoud I send the console?
regads Rainer

Hello Rainer,
You can send us your console to the following address:


Please include the backpack development if possible for the diagnosis :wink:
(if possible, use tracked shipping to prevent the postal service from losing the package.)

Jean Marie

Hello Rainer,

I can confirm that your Gamebuino has arrived at our offices: it is currently being diagnosed.
We will keep you informed of his state of health shortly.

Jean Marie


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Hello Rainer !

We were able to determine what the issue was but it wasn’t fixable in a timely fashion. We sent you a new console and a new backpack as replacements. We hope you will receive those soon and have fun playing with them.

Best regards from the Gamebuino team.

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thank you for the great support,
was the issue something you can avoid?
Best regards Rainer

It appears the pins of your breadboard backpack were slightly spread out, which caused at least one of the ports of your console to be damaged when you plugged it in. This caused some sort of short circuit that prevented the console from working properly.

Sadly there is no real solution to this. We are taking a somewhat different approach from now on, pre-soldering every accesory board ourselves before sending it out. This way we can test every unit and make sure it works properly beforehand.