Ever seen gamebuino games running on an arcade cabinet?

I played a bit with the Gamebuino Meta HTML5 emulator so it would run on my arcade cabinet and steamdeck, initially i made the modifications to let the emulator scale in the browser windows / container. Those changes are accepted in a merge request, afterwards i added joypad support to these files. Well i looked at how the new WASM version did it and did something similar for the old emulator version so i could use my gamepad and joysticks. Then i just used chrome in kiosk mode along with disabling websecurity (in order to go around CORS issues for loading files locally) and loading the emulator html files as well as the bin files of the games locally from my disk.

Here is the result

on discord i also uploaded a video showing a similar thing where i run the gamebuino games on my steamdeck using a similar way


Cool! The most recent version of the WASM-based emulator does support sound and music by the way. Check out for example the Gamebuino games hosted from my website, for example my music demo: Gamebuino Music Demo.

One thing the emulator still lacks though is emulation of the light effects, but making that look pretty from the HTML side will also be a challenge…

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I was aware of the WASM version but thought it was very unstable in case of my game it always crashes at similar spots (related to playing music) but seeing your music demo, i’m starting to wonder if i’m doing something wrong in my own code. The error i get is similar to the ones you had once encountered once (unwrap errors like panicked at 'called Option::unwrap() on a None value', src\lib.rs:194:28)

I also don’t know how i can add the scalings i added to the old emulator html files easily to the WASM version.

So given that i thought it was normal the (WASM version) emulator crashed a lot as it might require further development and kinda avoid it ever since (i used the none WASM version to do my main development)

Edit: i just saw your comments about compiling with -O2 instead of -Os, i tried that and also lowered the buffer size and samplerate and the wasm emulator hasn’t crashed yet since i did that with my game

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Yes, the WASM emulator seems a bit less stable. I tried investigating, but never got to the bottom of it. The difficulty was that it was a bit flaky and also seemed to depend on the compiler settings. With the current builds for my games it works reliably. I have not experienced any crashes with those.

So a bit unsatisfactory that the root cause is not found, but I am happy that the music and sounds are working, as it does really enhance the experience.

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