[EN] Anyone done any meta 3D printable models?

Has anyone done any Gamebuino Meta 3D printable models? I ask because clumsy me dropped my meta down the back of a desk, a skill I tell you a real skill, and it cracked open and disgorged its contents. Soooo… I got it all back together and found I was lacking one one the square buttons. And I thought, you know what would make this look really cool would be some black or red abs buttons and/or stick… my design skills well… meh,… hence why I am asking here.


Well… I never saw any post, in the past, related to any 3D printing for the gamebuino…

But, for sure, it would be grate to see some mods on the case! Few ideas:

  • a case for big handed guys
  • something ultra resistant, for kids
  • mini arcade version

That’s definitely something to dig! :grinning:

This is something we thought about, but for now we just don’t have time to work on these ideas. However we would be more than happy to see community members sharing on this subject and possibly share their creations.

Tom atm, Gamebuino is trademarked. I think that first a clear message of that user can and cannot do could be great. Some unofficial clones can be found (difficult atm and it’s fine like this) but atm it’s not permit atm to works on META hardawre if i don’t mistake.

You could buy spare parts at the Gamebuino Website. And maybe paint them.

The only spare parts available are a complete shell with buttons which would be somewhat wasteful (and paint would rapidly scrape away given buttons are surrounded by other unpainted surfaces).

It just seems odd to not have specs for these parts (or models)