Dn -- By aoneill


Author :  aoneill

A 2D platformer where you travel deeper and deeper underground. 

This is an early work in progress. I will update as progress is made.

Technical Details

I wanted to what I could do with the 160×128 resolution. Rather than using the gb.display to draw, this game uses gb.tft to render directly to the screen. It also uses some DMA tricks. The screen is rendered in 8 pixel tall strips, top to bottom. While DMA is sending pixels for one of these strips, a second buffer is being calculated with the next strip. Right now I am able to have a foreground layer, a background layer (for parallax effect) and a character sprite using the full 5-6-5 color space at 40 fps!

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Author :  geed

It looks good and it works ;)  ! 

You plan a game like Spelunky or La Mulana ?

Author :  Zockeromi

Wow! This looks like a quality game!

Author :  jicehel

I don't know if you need help for sprites. In the case it's could help i send you a walking sprite and a stand. I you need some others, just ask, i'll not spam you with if you don't need  ;)  Sprite 1 and 4 are not required if you want a 4 pictures animation, just take 2,3 and 5,6 (it's will make steps shorter)

Another one because it's the one who missed me the most: proposition for the jump


Author :  Sorunome

Are you using a custom library? because i can see gb.tft.andy(); in the code for your custom DMA stuff. You can see how i did custom DMA stuff for arduboy crosscompiling over here.

That being said, the game does look pretty cool so far!

EDIT: Also it didn't seem like you are on the latest library version?

Author :  jicehel

Else i make another proposition just for icon and titlescreen you can take or just keep an idea or trash them as you want of course.

Author :  aoneill

I hadn't heard of those games before. They do have a similar look. I'll check them out for ideas. I was thinking that navigating the environment would be the main obstacle, kind of like Celeste. We'll see how that goes. 

Author :  aoneill

Nice! Right now I'm only planning on a run and not a walk, but I will take that jump idea. I like how the head turns on the walk though. I struggled with that on the running animation.

There is one more frame I know I want but haven't attempted - a wall jump / wall slide. I picture the character with their back against the wall preparing to push off. You interested in taking a stab at that? 

Author :  jicehel

Bien sûr (je crois que tu parles français si je ne m'abuse). Un qui ressemblerais à ça ? Là je retourne bosser mais j'essayerais de te faire le saut complet entre 2 murs. (Dans un sens car bien sûr on fait un miroir pour l'autre).

Je n'avais pas tous tes sprites mais tu ne voudrais pas construire une planche avec tous ceux que tu as pour que l'on s'en serve comme modèle (si une position partielle convient, le copier / coller va plus vite et on est sûr de ne pas déformer le perso  ;) ) 

A moins que celle-ci + le saut te convienne (il faudrait peut être modifier le sprite pour la réception sur un mur du coup (genre le perso arrive avec les 2 mains devant pour se réceptionner). En tous cas, vas y demande si tu as des besoins et je te ferais des propositions. S'il y a un problème n'hésite pas à le dire pour que je corrige.


Author :  aoneill

Yeah, the code is a mess right now. I made some minor modifications to an older version of the Gamebuino library just to prove I could get the drawing speed I was looking for. I totally need to pull that out into my own code rather than modify the library. Thanks for pointing me at the arduboy crosscompiling dma. That should help me out if I hit any roadblocks. 

Author :  aoneill

You are fast! No, I don't speak French, but I got the gist by using Google Translate. Looks good! I'll let you know if I think of anything else as I start trying these out in game. Might be a while as I usually only find time to code on the weekend. Thanks!

Author :  Sorunome

Oooooh right another thing, if you set in your config-gamebuino.h the setting #define DISPLAY_CONSTRUCTOR Image(0, 0); it won't even generate the internal buffer for that image and you won't have to manually re-init. What i didn't check is, if you just re-use that buffer for other stuff, and if you do that, that is OFC a pretty good use.

Author :  jicehel

Oups i have do it too quick last time, i forgot you have 2 L in your name... so it's a titlescreen corrected ... 

and a little animation if you character wait something animation 1,2,3,4,3,2 and restart  1,2,... (she is playing yoyo  ;) )

Author :  mike_j503

Nice work on the Icon and the titlescreen. (Hoping that the game will also catch up with content some time)

Yet, these only worked for me after I changed the colors to 24bits. When I copied it from here, it was only saved in 8 bits.... What does this even mean? I don't know, but that's what worked for me.

Author :  jicehel

yes, i had done it too quick during workstime ( i was waiting something ;) ) I should have saved them into 24 bits but paint.net was on 8... sorry. Nice you have correct it and Anoeill has correct it too in his package.

Author :  alxm

Just tried it out, nice work! I like the graphics and the parallax scrolling, it runs very smooth. Also impressive map size, I didn't expect to fall down as far as a I did the first time it happened.

Just a heads-up, you can jump and land at the bottom of a platform instead of on top, ie. P jumps towards * and lands on the bottom edge of the first 8, instead of on top of it:


Author :  aoneill

Nothing major to see, but I did push some changes this weekend. Mostly refactoring and no longer depending on a customized Gamebuino library. You can no longer get stuck inside the blocks. Didn't get a chance to use jicehel's graphics yet. The running animation only plays when you are actually running, and you can face both left and right.
Author :  jicehel

Good news  ;) Nice that you have had time to make it progress. I hope it's will be same next week (and even that you'll have more time ;) )

Author :  STUDIOCRAFTapps

128 mode with... Bbbb- BACKGROUNDS? WHOA!

Author :  aoneill

Added an animated gif demo to the creation post. Started work on the first obstacle, spikes.