DIY Gamebuino HELP

I am trying to build a Gamebuino classic with an Arduino Nano, SD card reader and, last but not least, a Nokia 5110 display.
After Burning the bootloader, formating an SD card to FAT 16 (not forgetting to add the files from the Gamebuino Games Compilation ) and hooking together the Arduino, the display, and the card reader, the display stays blank !

What can I possibly be doing wrong ?

I’m using information from :


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I found the problem. I was using the wrong bootloader.
Can anyone give me a copy of the bugfixed bootloader from the following post?
(the Google Drive link doesn’t work anymore)

I found the the bootloader !!!
Now, I am running into another issue:
the displays stays at the “flashing loader” screen forever.
The settings work great though.
Do you know of any possible fix ?

I’m a little late, I didn’t see your message.
Everything is in order ?

Thank you for your anwser !!!
I finally found the problem : you have to use a 2gb SD card for the gamebuino to load the programs properly.
Fun fact : this issue is documented nowhere !

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Thank you,
I can confirm : the SDCard library embedded into the Classic can’t handle more than 2GB.
Have nice day :wink: