Community is back

Hello to all.
After a lot of work, and thanks to the invaluable help of passionate members, we are there:
Gamebuino is once again 100% operational.


Hi! WIll the recent-old forum will be back? And is the old-old one still around? Or are all previous posts all lost?

It seems that olf forum is died forever… ATM you can find some answer yet when you search. I’ll post one answer for animation that Steph posted 2 years ago. You can search on Google if you search something and then if you found some interesting things. Please post them here as one day this old ghost pages will disapear totally.

Hello everybody. It’s good, that the project is working again :smiley: I have a question about our acconunts on gamebuino site. Will our older accounts for publish games will be active or we will have to migrate games and profile to the new account?

Hi Sentinel87,
For me, my account on the website is still active and working as usual.
I only had to create an account here again, since the previous forum was lost, and this one start from scratch!

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Also nice to hearing from you Frakasss :smiley:

But I have one more question - is there any way to implement mail change in the main account on the gamebuino site? I’ve registered account on the old mail address and want to update it. So far the mail field is disabled.

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It is noted, we will add that as soon as we can.
Thank you

Indeed, it is not currently possible to change your account email address on the profile page.

Of course, we will add this feature as soon as possible :wink:

Glad to hear that. For now I’ve added my old address on the forum account - for linking topics with creations.

The Way Back Machine saved some of the old forum.

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Yes !
Way Back Machine is a very great tool !

this is wonderful news, i hope this means more games soon

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New games released already: don’t forget that Gamebuino creations are mainly created by you, the community.