Adding music to a program

I’ve been working on a little Gamebuino Meta demo recently and I’m getting to a point where I’m fairly happy with the result. My programming skills are limited but I was able to do what I wanted without tearing my hair too much :smile:

I’m just struggling with a single thing: adding decent music to the program. I haven’t really found suitable examples running on the Meta. I’d be really happy with a music like Buino You Love It which was created for the Gamebuino Classic, but when I try to port to the Meta, I run into many issues as it seems the Meta library doesn’t support all the sound commands of the Classic.

Music Demo by Eriban is amazing but it requires a custom library that I don’t think he has shared (I’d prefer to stick with the standard library anyway) and it takes too much CPU time. I only have a little over 30% left for the music.

I also really don’t want to just play a WAV file as it feels out of place.

So my question is really about whether it’s possible to port Buino You Love It with the standard Meta library, or if they are good examples of music running on the Meta that I could borrow (with the author’s permission whenever possible obviously).

you can try my port of the pmf modplayer :

without meta lib : meta-lapinou/src at main · r043v/meta-lapinou · GitHub
on meta lib (still experimental) : Discord

that’s what i use here :

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Thanks a lot, that looks promising :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a go over the next couple of weeks. I’ve joined the Gamebuino Discord now so will post any further questions there!


Of course, don’t hesitate to come and chat on the discord!

la démo, la démo !!!

It’s nearly done but I am planning to release it at a demoparty in May so can’t really share anything before that :slight_smile:

Under what nickname do you want to be credited for your work on adapting the music player, r043v?

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this wasn’t a massive work to port pmf, credit is not necessary, but if really want : r043v/dph

you may wanna need overclock code ?