Wip diggermeta -- By Sutchig


Author :  Sutchig


thanks to the great META Emulator and some spare time i tried to "METArize" the classic game Digger.

Its playable (tested in Emulator), 

Assets are from Digger-classic and colorized via Pen'n'Paper ;)

I really hope save, load and lights work ;)

Last Changes: -fixed Bug in main loop

                          - added French menu entries (thx to jicehel)


Goal is to collect as many diamonds as needed (see status bar) to unlock the exit.
You can move rocks, if there is nothing behind it. If a rock falls through a changer, then its converted to a diamond.
There are different types of monsters - watch them, to recognise there behaviour. (esp. changing their direction)
There is a little ingame-menu where you can change the game mode:
-easy: every killed monster gives some diamonds, this makes some level much easier
-hard: no more diamonds :)
save games stores hard and easy separatly. Lives counts for both modes.
Each save costs a life.

Included are the levels of the original version, as the author allowed me to use them.

Icon and titlescreen: thx to tikkel

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Author :  jicehel

Great and good game   ;)

Author :  Come

Hey Dude i was wondering something Is this supposed to be the icon of the game ? if yes you have to rename it 


and if you want to put a titlescreen name it TITLESCREEN.BMP

as it's write here

anyway it's a good game <3

Author :  Sutchig

Sry, i dont have an icon or titlescreen yet. The png is a screenshot for this thread :)

Thanks for the link, i guess i have an idea for icon and titlescreen

Author :  tikkel

When comes the sourcecode?

thanks for this game

Author :  Sutchig

Save and load should work. (Untested!)

Added a titlescreen and an icon. Its all in the binaries folder. Can someone provide the gmv files please?

Source is added, too.

Author :  tikkel

I have created an icon and titlescreen for me. If anybody like this, you put it in the folder where the .bin is:



Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Hey, please no external linking to images, upload them directly on the post to avoid the links to die :)

Author :  mike_j503

Cannot upload .bmp to posts though ('Gets you a 'Something went wrong. Try Again' error)

Author :  tikkel

Hi Aurélien,

the forum don't accept the .bmp-format. Can you fix this?


Author :  Aurélien Rodot

You can convert to PNG with paint or any image editing software until we add this feature :)

Author :  Sutchig

Hi tikkel, i like your icon and titlescreen and would like to replace my versions on github with yours.

Author :  jicehel

I think he's OK and it's why he have share them here. Just one thing, i like the icon and the titlescreen but me i would add the icon of the player (the digger) and a diamond to make it a little less serious. (I like the multicolored META and the title, but i think that a little picture of the game below could be cool. It's just my vision and of course you make that you want with it as you have yourself you artistical opinion.

Author :  tikkel

... here you go!  :o)

Author :  tikkel

Hi Jicehel,

i have updatet the icon.bmp (orig. KC85 colors) and titlescreen.bmp (like your suggestions)!





Have fun with it ... _tikkel_  :o)

Author :  jicehel

Cool, i like them  ;)

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Nice ! What's new in the 1.0 update ? Also, you should definitely add some screen recordings to it ;)

Author :  Sutchig

Sadly i missed a ";" at gb.update().

Its in the source on github, but not in the binary. I will update this tomorrow. Sorry for that :(

Last Changes:

- using new library

- using gb.gui.menu instead of gb.menu

- MultiLang (EN, DE - im not speaking french :( )

- some lights when digger dies - dont know if they works

Will add a screen recording as soon as possible.

Author :  jicehel

I'll translate here if you want. Send sentences in english and i'll translate them into french. Your translate in german is cool for me too  ;) I hope than some spanish or others will translate it into their langages. ;)  We often use same sentences (or words) in games.

Author :  Sutchig

Hi jicehel,

thanks for your offer. i need frech translations of following strings (menu entries):

Load Game
Save Game
Resume Game
New Game
Level up
Level down
Toggle Mode
Menu (Title)