Which library for building a PC 2D game engine

Hello everyone, I start looking into existing tools to build PC (desktop) games.
I don’t want to use a ready made game engine like Unity, Unreal, Godot or anything, mostly because I love to design code myself, this is a big part of my pleasure :smiley: !
But I don’t want either to spend years and years building my own low level graphics library, keyboard event manager, window manager and so on… I love to code but I’m also hoping being able to create actual games someday ^^ !

So I’m looking for libraries providing the most needed tools for game dev and a comfortable abstraction level. Knowing that I’m only interested in 2D, and I want to keep things simple, in a lowtech spirit^^. I don’t want to need much CPU/GPU power or anything…
I don’t know which language I want to use but I’d prefer to avoid c++ if I can… I’m more interested into pure C, or Java, or Python, or Go, or Smalltalk, or whatever, I don’t know …
I already found some tools that might fit my plans :
https://liballeg.org/ | http://freeglut.sourceforge.net/ | https://www.glfw.org/ | http://ecere.org/ |…
but I really could use some advices from someone who already has that kind of experience :slight_smile: !
Thanks !

I like SDL 2, it’s a nice and modern way to deal with windows, inputs, audio and graphics. Check out Lazy Foo’s tutorials (they’re C++ but SDL itself is C) and the SDL wiki for examples. I use it myself for my games’ Linux and Windows targets, and the older SDL 1.2 for older hardware :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same as alxm, I have fiddled with SDL, and I found it very convenient to use, well documented, and the right level of abstraction to build a game engine from scratch without the hassle of the low-level stuff.

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Thanks ! Seems cool, I’m going to give it a try :).