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Hello, I have a gamebuino classic and want to know where all the games for it went? I can't find them to download.

Also where is the development tools for it as well?

This site only has a few classic games and I know there were a lot more.

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Author :  robtarr

The legacy site seem to be down, but there are several games at https://github.com/Gamebuino/Gamebuino-Classic

Author :  Sorunome

I'm sorry about the legacy, site, it is back up now, and you can find the games here: http://legacy.gamebuino.com/wiki/index.php?title=Games

Author :  Drek

Hello, here is my compilation of games (and apps) for Gamebuino Classic: https://github.com/FeroBoh/Gamebuino-Classic_Games

Author :  makerSquirrel


the legacy page legacy.gamebuino.com seems to be down again. Any chance to fix this? would be nice!

Author :  Sorunome

Actually, it is up. Just that it doesn't work with https, only with http and there is no index page, you either have to go to /wiki or /forum