Whats wrong with gamebuino web page?

I have a problem with gamebuino website. Every time I try to visit it, the browser classify website as untrust. The error code is: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN - certificate signed for domains *.herokuapp.com, herokuapp.com. The problem appears yesterday on mozilla and chrome. Is something wrong with your certificate?

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The issue has been reported to the team and I assume it will be fixed soon. The host (Heroku) has expired its ssl certificate. Meanwhile you can add an exception to your browser to be able to reach the website anyway, at this point I don’t think there is any real security breach.


Thx for info Codnpix :slight_smile:

Aaaand it’s fixed. Sorry about that !


Ok thx for info Aurelien :smiley:

FYI the certificate of community.gamebuino.com is also expired.

Aaaand it’s fixed. Thanks for the report ! :slight_smile:

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Thanx Aurélien!

Welcome back, fam.

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