What needs a good game - By Juice_Lizard

Author :  Juice_Lizard

Stop speacking technical a few minutes and let's think about what needs a future creation on Gamebuino Meta to be awesome. The following random ideas could help you to create your own games, or to tell the makers what you are expecting.

  • amazing colors and/or details on the screen
  • a gameplay that I never knew before
  • a demake of a cool game
  • a two (or more) players mode
  • a good story
  • fat pixels
  • ghosts, aliens, robots, zombies, super heroes, witches and all the stuff we expect geeks are going to pay for
  • sense of humor or parody of an existing game/creation
  • an original theme / characters we never saw before
  • a main character that is pleasant to control
  • a real challenge for hardcore gamer
  • funny bugs
  • a game that I can play in ten seconds
  • speed
  • strategy
  • non violent game
  • political game
  • sexy/lovely game
  • a game that tells the real story of its author
  • a game that teach us something
  • a game that shows all the technical possibilities of the Gamebuino Meta
  • great music
  • ...

What do you think is the most important? Do you think about something to add to the list?

You may not be able to reach all the goals of this list in a single game. But what are the two or three of them that you are going to choose and push far enough in your next game?

Author :  Insajd

Game feel. Mark Brown created a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=216_5nu4aVQ
May seem obvious for some of you, but it's really important how the game "feels", so let's leave it there

Author :  Juice_Lizard

There are many ways to make the game feels as we want. But it is not obvious to know what direction we want for our game and how to achieve it. I was just trying to give some ideas and to open the discussion. The Mark Brown video is interesting. I may have watched it a long time ago. When I began to create "Square Nose", the first thing I made was the main character moves. I wanted it to be pleasant and I was thinking of the team who coded Mario moves in "Super Mario 64", testing it again and again, until it feels perfectly. And then, making the levels and the ennemies, depending of the plumber's moves. If you have to do the same thing in a game, hundreds of times, it has to be juicy.

Author :  Sorunome

"Extra Credits" on youtube also has some pretty good videos on game design, in case anyone is interested!

Author :  jicehel

Thanks Sorunome and Insajd.