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Hello there ;). Why there is so silent ? I thought after some time here will be more people to talk to, but I see mostly same people around. Good news tho Im back here and gonna continue writing my Super Bubble Mania game ;). 

Author :  jicehel

Yes, i think alot of people are on hollidays but yes it's very quiet. It's bad because alot od Meta user are active and they talk on discord and yes it's would be better to talk mainly here. Nice, you're back so you will keep it alive ;) I hope to have good new with Super Bubble Mania soo and if you see a tuto to write on a subject not yet done, write it. It's always can help someone who start or if a newcomer ask the question before reading all already done, we can just shae the link on the answer  ;)

Author :  STUDIOCRAFTapps

You're not the first one to notice that. I've been worrying too about this small issue. I personally think that the community of something is what makes it attracting and memorable but Gamebuino's one has became a bit to calm lately.

First, to find what's wrong, we should probably picture the ideal community and see what's missing. What would trigger more discussion? How could we bring everyone together? I'll try answering my own question with my own research but I don't think I'll find how alone.

Author :  STUDIOCRAFTapps

I think that if the goal of the community would shift just a tiny bit from "How do I make games?" to a "Here's a bigger and better game library!" could maybe inspire more people to want to make games and increase the chance of better project and better discussion to happen? I'm not saying the the current games already available aren't good but I know that it has a bit to much of arcady-games.

Author :  STUDIOCRAFTapps

Anyway, I'm not to experimented with this kind of stuff, just proposing ideas.

Author :  STUDIOCRAFTapps

One last thing: If there's one think that you could keep from what I said: Threads related to problem fixing and that kind of stuff aren't the one that starts the discussions.

Author :  ragnarok93

Yeah, there is no games like Mario or Castlevania - like those on Arduboy. Anyway I will try to work on my project so maybe next game will be done, but there is much things to add :D. Its strange, cause looking on things that happen with Gamebuino conferences and stuff I would expect more activity here :P. Anyway lets hope thing will change ;). And its sad games like Metahexagon or Planet Pluto seems abadoned :<. Would love to play more levels in this game :P.

Author :  sautax

I want to buy one META but i need my mother to use her card ^_^ 

But i have many ideas of games : minesweeper , geometry dash ...

Author :  Insajd

What about language barier? Forums are divided between english and french speaking folks, but nowadays forums are one thing, people mostly use Facebook and twitter and I think these are the places people get to know new products. But gamebuino profiles on these platforms are mostly in french. I kind of get why, as the console is marketed as learning tool for more casual users who don't programm (programmers mostly know english anyways). What is cool is that gamebuino profile retweets any related content, I like that ;)

What I'm trying to say is that international communities are mostly in english, because it's the language of the internet, known and used by many.

Of course don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm complaining about french users. It's more like my wild guess.

And speaking of promotion, do you folks know aby popular YouTube materials about gamebuino? In polish community there was arhn.eu video and it dragged some people towards the console (definietly me :p)

Author :  jicehel

Yes, for me the success keys on Arduboy comunity forum are: 

Alot of people (and this its take time to get it but after, it maintain activity and let people consult more often and so be able to answer quickly)

Alot of subjects: New games, activity on games, tips given by others to make the code better, hardware creation or discussion

The team of Arduboy is often in the subject, give advice, ask news about some subjects and answer some questions

The tutos (but for that i think what we are good or better)

The people of the community are different and some are more artists, other good dev, other have good games idea, asw but it's more easy as they are alot. (In french, we say its the cat who eat his tail).

For me atm, all up have to make all he can do to answer, make short tuto, keep up to date the information about his developpment or his hardware creation to maintain it alive and give all informations to new meta user. Some like Sorunome can't give answer alone, some new like me can answer some question but some with more experience and META team have to answer to some other points.

And thanks to all for all your activities on this forum.

Author :  Juice_Lizard

It would be neat if you make a game inspired by Mario for the Gamebuino Meta, as I am making a game inspired by Sonic on Arduboy and Meta.

Author :  jicehel

Maybe that we need to be more than one to make games like Mario. Me for example, i can do some part but i'm not feeling me able to do a Mario alone. I'll not ave enough power to do it until the end. With a game like sokoban for example, the levels are a ton shared on web so when you do the main pat, you have alot of hours of games but to make and adjust a game like Mario to make it just enough hard, not too much and not too easy, it's another works wich need alot time or a team.

Author :  ragnarok93

I love Sonic games too !! After Super Bubble Mania i will try to make Sonic like game ;).

Author :  sautax

Maybe making a section of the discord server for collaborative projects ?

Author :  Come

That’s a great idea for people like me who don’t know programation that much but who wants to make things I mean like i’m A bit good at pixel art and stuff like that so if people collabs to make things together that can attract people to do things in their turn in "community" and remove this barrier because it looks complicated and little by little make them do a little bit of programming by helping them and make them understand that it's actually easy.

Author :  ragnarok93

Yeah ! Often programmers look for pixel artists or musicians to their projects so it would be cool . In my opinion there should be forum sections here - like "general talk", "help needed", "programming tutorials", "looking for team", "pixel art tutorials", "our projects", "offtopic" etc. etc.

Author :  jicehel

For Ragnarok93: Hum maybe not pixel art tutorial section - Pixel at is only one tuto here. After you have other forum for pixel art. Here, for me, you have one tuto with the main adress of the specialised site for pixel art but here, you could maybe have a section for pixel art request where you could make a description as you can of what you need (view, type of view, colors, size, animations, ...) so artist could accept a request and works on it and propose a tileset, a set of sprites, a background or other things. Same for music / sounds.

To Sautax. A special section on discord is maybe not a good idea. The problem is that all exchanged on discord don't stay anywhere so it's can be good for a team to have a discord channel to exchange but it's good then to keep the forum informed. Else nobody can help, know the woks progress, asw...

For Makdany: Yes good news. You can try the tutos to learnhow to pogram else you can make concepts of games too with your art. You can make sprites, background, ans some examples of screen and explain the idea of your concept. For lage backgrounds, you have to think with some little parts repeated (tiles) as it done of an set of tiles pasted on near other and maybe someone will be inteested to code it to make it alive.

Author :  ragnarok93

Maybe some pixel artist just share some of your art with us, so maybe some programmer will get inspired and want to use it in his game or start new project using those sprites :P.

Author :  alxm

And its sad games like Metahexagon or Planet Pluto seems abadoned :<. Would love to play more levels in this game :P.

I didn't abandon Defend Pluto, I just cycle between the projects I work on. I planned several versions ahead for both Defend Pluto and Neonrattle, but right now I'm working on PC game stuff :-)

Author :  ragnarok93

Glad to hear that ;). Cause I like this game so much ;)