Update and install gamebuino meta games -- By Aurélien Rodot

Update and install games

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Your Gamebuino has a few games, but you want more? You're in the right place.

Update the default games

All the games are work in progress, so it's likely they were already improved since we shipped your Gamebuino! Here is how you get the latest version.

Download games

  • Download the games
  • Extract the *.zip archive
  • Plug the Gamebuino's micro SD card in the computer using the provided adapter.
  • Copy all the games to the root of the micro SD card like this:
  • All games *.bin files are in a folder with the same name.
  • Do NOT change the game name here.
  • Only loader.bin must NOT be in a folder

Install more games!

You can download additional games from the Creations page.

Browse Creations

It's very simple to install them:

  • Download the game.
  • Extract the *.zip file.
  • Plug the Gamebuino's micro SD card in the computer using the provided adapter.
  • Copy only the folder containing the .bin file to the micro SD card.
  • Do not rename the folder.
  • Do not copy the *.bin file without its parent folder.
  • Enjoy :)

Use your own micro SD card

It's strongly advised to use the micro SD card provided with the Gamebuino META Deluxe as we made sure it's compatible and working. You can use other micro SD cards at your own risk!

  • Format the micro SD card to FAT or FAT32
  • Copy "loader.bin" and all the default games, see above

It's not working?

Turn it OFF and ON again.

Still not working ? Double click on the reset button (on the bottom-right edge of your Gamebuino). This will show a Gamebuino logo and re-load "loader.bin" from the micro SD card. If it fails, it will show an error message and stay in bootloader mode so that you can upload a program by USB.

  • Red broken micro SD card with a "?": the micro SD card not present, not correctly inserted, not compatible or not correctly formatted
  • Orange broken micro SD card: the micro SD card detected but "loader.bin" is not present
  • Green USB symbol: computer detected, ready to receive a program

Give some love

If you like a game, give it an up-vote and leave a comment. This will really motivate the author to make more awesome games!

Go beyond gaming

Playing is fun. But it's nothing compared to making the game.

Start making games

Author :  DFX2KX

good to review this, as I was kinda wondering if folder names where significant.

I have a bunch of micro-SD cards floating around too, I can test a few of them as well. (my challenge to the community now is to fill that 8gb it comes with to the brim with games. :P)

Author :  flashjaysan

It could fill up faster if you create games with lots of audio files and graphics. So it really depends upon the size of assets more than purely on games. ;)

Author :  foud6280


j ai voulu regarder la carte µSD de  jeux livré avec adapateur fourni lors de mon achat : cela a cramé la carte.

Lecteur USB-Carte SD : endommagé par défaut provoquant "le cramage" de la carte µSD livrée avec la gamebuino ...

J'ai téléchargé les jeux sur une carte µSD Perso : quand j'allume la gamebuino : no games found ...alors que les jeux sont lisibles sur la carte depuis mon  PC :  Type de carte Lexar 300X µSD HC 16GB..

J'ai persévéreé  en prenant une dernière carte disponible chez moi : carte µSD HC 32 GB : Miracle : les jeux installés du tuto "102" dessus sont lisibles par la Gamebuino.

En conclusion : lecteur vendu HS qui a cramé la carte d'origine .

Quels jeux Ă©taient dessus Ă  l'origine ?

Merci du retour

Author :  megaman_6

Is it possible to get the source code of the loader.bin file? I'd like to tinker with it.

Author :  Sorunome

Yes! It is available on our github over here: https://github.com/Gamebuino/Loader-META

Out of curiosity, what do you plan on doing?

Author :  megaman_6

I'm studying programming at college and I'm curious about embedded programming, open source code is often a good tool to study from and stuff that is written for the Arduino is very interesting. Don't know what I will then do afterwards.

Author :  Sorunome

Sounds cool!

If you have any questions about internal workings, feel free to ask. Buuut maybe a separate discussion for that would make most sense ^.^