Tuto about 5 games in Python

Hi, there is a cool course about Python (classic Python on computer):

This course canot be used directly on META, of course as we have our own system for graphic and game loop but this seems easy to adapt if you take the structure of the program.

I think i’ll do the program and maybe make a “how to convert” from the original program to the META program. To begin, make a own version on a game, is always a good thing.

So to use this video, see how he do (define paddles, show the paddle, define the ball, show the ball and don’t take care about the syntaxe used as is will not be same on META

So only take it as a source of interest and not as a tuto. Do not begin with this video, if you don’t know how to code a game on META, use: https://gamebuino.com/fr/academy/workshop/discover-python-programming

And next, have a look on https://gamebuino.com/fr/academy/workshop/learn-to-code-a-snake-game-with-python

Then you will be able to compare the code with the 2 first examples and maybe you will be able to code Connect Four and Tetris with the Python.

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