Trap75 -- By alxm


Author :  alxm

Trap75 is a space-capture game. The goal is to capture 75% of the area and not get hit by moving objects.

LAST UPDATE: April 23 2019 - Version 0.1.1

  • Move cursor with D-pad
  • Press A to start a horizontal line
  • Press B to start a vertical line

Thanks for trying out the early preview!

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Author :  alxm

Have fun trying out the early preview 0.1.0! Lots more to come (hiscores, boss levels, more effects), but I thought I'd share what I have and get your feedback. Let me know what you think! 

Author :  alxm

Small update 0.1.1 saves the hiscore

Author :  geed

Great Qix-clone. It's fully playable and looks good. Personnaly i will just add an highscore table and an "infinite" mode :p

Maybe a "picture mode" like we can found on old arcades games ?

Author :  bfx

Really really cool! Congrats!

Good game !
Could you please verify your ICON.BMP format (bits ?), because there are strange behaviors in the main gamebuino screen ?

Trap75’s ICON.BMP is 24bit RGB which is the expected format, and file seems to confirm it:

PC bitmap, Windows 95/NT4 and newer format, 32 x 32 x 24

Try deleting ICON.GMV from the Trap75 folder, and maybe also run a disk check utility on your SD card to make sure it’s not corrupted.

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Ok thanks, I agree that’s strange, I opened the icon in saved it in 24bits (same a yours) and all worked fine. A corrupted SD card is a possibility, I’ll check this.

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