Sudoku -- By eriban


Author :  eriban


  • Automatic generation of new puzzles
  • Animation (with lights) when solving a puzzle
  • Support for two puzzle types: normal Sudokus and Hyper Sudokus
  • Create custom puzzles, with automatic detection when puzzle has a unique solution (or has become impossible)
  • Save and load puzzles
  • Text in English or French


  • Translations in French (thanks to jicehel)


  • Show progress bar while a new puzzle is being generated
  • Bug fix: Generated Sudokus have a unique solution again


  • Save and load puzzles
  • Added support for Hyper Sudokus
  • Cleaned up source code, now available on github
  • Various minor improvements


  • Animation (with lights) when completing puzzle
  • Create custom puzzles, with automatic detection when the puzzle is impossible or has a unique solution


  • Fully playable
  • Automatic generation of new puzzles

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Author :  jicehel

Cool new, it works fine. Maybe you could use button B too to mark from another color a number when you want try something before validate the number. Else works fine and good continuation for your pending things to do. You done the main part.

In the minor improvements, you could add an create grid (to enter a grid from a magazine for example and try to solve it) and an auto solver of grid.

Author :  eriban

Thanks. I like your suggestion of being able to create your own puzzle. I think I'll add that. The game already contains a solver to generate puzzles, so I may use that one to signal when a custom puzzle still has multiple solutions or no solution at all.

Author :  eriban

Hi jicehel. There's now a new version of Sudoku. It includes the feature you requested to be able to create a custom puzzle. The game will automatically detect when the puzzle has only one solution (good), or does not have any solution (bad). I hope you like the way it is implemented. Thanks again for the suggestion!

Author :  jicehel

Yes, great  ;) I think the game is now complete or you have any other idea to continue it ?

Author :  eriban

I am currently working on the ability to store and load a puzzle. This enables you to turn off your Gamebuino and resume solving/creating a puzzle at a later moment.

Furthermore, I am considering adding support for hyper sudoku's.

Other than that, only a few minor improvements, e.g. some sound effects.

So a bit more to be done, but most of it is there indeed.

Author :  eriban

Just released v0.3 which includes support for Hyper sudoku's. This required quite some changes to the automatic solving code, but it's gotten better as a result.

You can now also store your puzzle to resume puzzling (or editing) at a later moment. This is also used to preserve puzzle state when toggling to and from Hyper mode. It uses different slots, so there's no risk of losing your explicitly stored puzzle.

Source code is now also available on github. I'll do some more testing. If no bugs are found this will become the final version.

Author :  eriban

Hi jicehel, I hope you (or another french speaker) can help me. Given the amount of french-speaking Gamebuino users, I would like to have the text available in french as well for the upcoming v1.0 release. Here are the translations I came up with (with help of Google translate):

1. Return (to puzzle) -> Retour (au puzzle)

2. Save puzzle -> Sauver le puzzle

3. Load puzzle -> Charger le puzzle

4. Reset puzzle -> Réinitialiser le puzzle

5. New puzzle -> Nouveau puzzle

6. Create puzzle -> Créer un puzzle

7. Enable hyper mode -> Activer le mode hyper

8. Disable hyper mode -> Désactiver le mode hyper

9. Puzzle saved -> Puzzle sauvegardé

10. Load failed -> Chargement raté

I have two questions. First, a few of the translated strings are too long: 4, 7, 8. Each string should be 19 characters at most to fit on one line. Do you have any suggestions for better/shorter translations? Especially for 7 and 8 there is no need to translate them literally.

Second, are all other translations correct? Can anything be done to improve them, e.g. to improve clarity or consistency?

Author :  eriban

Oops, forgot one:

11. Generating puzzle -> Génération de puzzle

It's also too long, but could conceivably be split across two lines. I would prefer a one-line translation though.

Author :  jicehel

1. Return (to puzzle) -> Revenir au puzzle

2. Save puzzle            -> Sauver le puzzle

3. Load puzzle            -> Charger le puzzle

4. Reset puzzle           -> Recommencer 

5. New puzzle              -> Nouveau puzzle

6. Create puzzle          -> Créer un puzzle

7. Enable hyper mode -> Mode hyper actif

8. Disable hyper mode -> Mode hype inactif

9. Puzzle saved              -> Puzzle sauvegardé

10. Load failed                -> Echec du chargement

11. Generating puzzle ->   Création du puzzle

Author :  eriban

Thanks a lot. Those are good improvements. I will use these! 

save puzzle ne fonctionne pas c’est normale?