This is the feedback threat for the new game Stuck. I had to manually create it.

Let me know what you think, or if you need a hint… ask me anything !


Hey @thomasvt, this looks like a cool game :). Will try it as soon as possible. Could you integrate the link to the game page into your post ?
I’m sorry for the topic not being automatically created, I was responsible for making this feature work last summer, I guess some bugs remain unsolved in there… It usually work, and if it doesn’t, you should see an error window in the game page with a button allowing you to try again to launch the topic creation. You didn’t see any of this ?

@Aurelien_Rodot, as I see the mention “no emulator support”, I take the opportunity to encourage you to update the emulator on the website. It’s a shame that none of the new games are currently testable with it. The emulator has been updated at the source a while ago. I thing you just have to replace the emulator javascript file by the new one (the one working in here A thread was already creatd for this matter META Emulator not working on newer binaries. I thing this is a very simple problem to deal with, and it’s a great feature. Would be a shame losing it :slight_smile: !


+1, yes the update of the emulator would be great

Else @thomasvt, game seems amazing, i have had no time to try it, it’s why i hadn’t put any comment before the answer of Codnpix but i’ll do soon and make a real reply for the game :wink:

Thanks for this new creation.

@Codnpix and @Aurelien_Rodot. The new emulator suggested by Codnpix works better in the graphics department (I helped track the issue down last spring), but my game still depends on save games which does not work on the new emulator. My game will not even start in the first level if persistence is not working: the emulator just returns all 0’s for any data loaded, but the ‘new-game’ savegame’s spawnpoint != 0.

I might add emulator detection and prevent startup… People are going to get confused otherwise, starting mid-game and teleporting not working.

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I did see the error message, but the retry button there kept giving the same error. I guess, because I used the name Stuck already, there are some remnants in the forum database that prevent you from using that name again when creating the thread…

Oh yes if you try the press that button after creating the thread manually you should expect an error for the duplicate topic name. If you still have that button I suggest you delete this topic before (or change its name might also work) and then retry…

For the emulator pb indeed I didn’t think about the save file usage problem…
But I maintain that it would be great to update that emulator ^^.

I agree, it would absolutely be handy for HD games.

There s a misunderstanding :slight_smile: Stuck was already used by a previous creation of mine, which I deleted, but the forum thread remained. Now, I cannot rename or delete that old Stuck thread, so the button in my NEW Stuck creation will never work.

Old thread:

If you have the privileges, feel free to delete that thread. If not, im ok with how it is now, too…

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Ok! I deleted the old topic. You should be alble to create the new one.

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Thanks, it worked!

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Wow, only just started playing, but
a) the player character’s animations are really fluid and nice
b) Liking the controls, super easy to pick up
c) Liking the inclusion of save slots and the color coding for them
d) The chosen screen size/field of view is good, not too zoomed in which would be bad for archery, but also not detachedly zoomed out.

Will continue playing in no time.
honorable mention) the goblin’s really cute; feeling a bit bad murderin’ them.

Glad you like it!!
a) The girl took over 8 hours to draw, so she better be pretty!!! :slight_smile:
b) A LOT of work there too…
c) color AND shape, sir!!
d) I started the POC with 16x16 tiles and that size just kinda stuck around when I started on final art… I still think the screen is a bit too small for the game, especially since world-location awareness would help solving puzzles.

It is a good game for a Gamebuino Meta. Have you tried to code the arrow control throwing like Yoshi throws his eggs on Super Nintendo? You keep pressing a button, the cursor moves up and down, and when you release the button, the arrow is thrown.

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No the arrow control by holding the button just was the only way that made sense i guess. Originally i didnt intend to have it aimable, but after a while, it seemed more interesting (and a cool challenge to program without floating point hardware).

I never played Yoshi, always been a PC player.

I guess I have to modify the code by myself if I want to try this feature.
You should try “Yoshi’s Island”, even by emulation, it’s a great game.

Aah. I misunderstood your original post. No. I didnt try the aiming to move up and down automatically.

There are a lot of stressy situations in the game where it is handy that the angle is remembered so you can shoot again quickly. If it s moving up and down by itself, that would make those situations frustrating, I think.