Skibuino -- By delpozzo


Author :  delpozzo

A skiing game for Gamebuino Classic and MAKERbuino. 

Avoid obstacles by using Left and Right to ski to the left and right. Hold down A to make sharp turns. Jump over logs by holding down B. Multiple logs can be cleared in a single jump by holding down B for the appropriate duration. If you release B too early you won't fully clear the log(s). Levels are randomly generated for a unique experience each time.

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Author :  geed

Skifree, my love !

Have-you plan to port it on Meta ?

thanks a lot !

Author :  delpozzo

Yes!! SkiFree for life! It was a huge inspiration for Skibuino. I am definitely going to port it to the Meta, I actually just ordered mine today :-)

Author :  MicroGames

Thanks for makeing a really good game for the gamebuino classic.

Author :  delpozzo

Slight balance update - v1.0.1 source and binaries have been posted. I increased MAPWIDTH from 128 to 192 which spreads the obstacles out a bit for better odds of avoiding them.

I tried a fast-port to the META but wasn't satisfied how it turned out so I'm working on a native version.

Author :  delpozzo

You're welcome @MicroGames, thank you for all of your classic games as well ^_^

Author :  jicehel

Nice news fo the native write for the Meta  ;)  and maybe you will add color fo obstacles then ? 

Author :  delpozzo

Hey jicehel! Yes there will be color for sure :-)

Author :  wuuff

I'm also looking forward to a Meta version!  While the game is fun on the Classic, the screen blur and small vertical size makes it hard to react to obstacles.  I am glad you made a Classic version first, though.  Hopefully we can keep games for the Classic coming for a while.

Author :  jicehel

Yes wuuff and maybe hi res could be a good idea for this version for the reasons you gave: let see sooner the obstacles and be able to react more to have more fun with.

Author :  delpozzo

Thanks wuuff! I actually have one more game in the hopper for the classic that I hope to publish tomorrow if all goes according to plan [it will also get a native META version along with Skibuino ;-) ]