SD Card? issue

Hi, I have an issue with my gamebuino meta. I have been using sd card for something different for last couple of months and I had a break from gamebuino. After comeback my gamebuino doesn’t work. After compiling a game nothing happens and after unplugging from the computer this image shows up. Can you help me?

Hi, the filesystem of your sd card must have been corrupted by something.
Try to format it (FAT), then download your game collection ( => your collection) and put the whole content of the archive “” at the root of your SD card (mostly in order to have a fresh Gamebuino loader on the card. I think this should work…
Tell us if you’re having more troubles !

Yes, but first. Remove SD card, try to read it on computer. If it’s ok, plug it again in Gamebuino and restart. You can reset it if needed. If it’s don’t works, use Codnpix solution, but it’s not often what you have to format your SD Card. I have had some messages like this and i never have had to format one of my SD card until now.

Hey there! DId you, by any chance, delete the loader.bin file in the root of the sd card? A yellow sd card icon indicates that that file is missing