Reuben quest lost between times -- By Sorunome

Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times

Author :  Sorunome

Presenting Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times, an RPG-Adventure in which you assume the role of a boy called Reuben, who has magical powers. Join him on his adventures around the island, Ugana.

The game includes a lengthy story, many different enemies and a huge map to explore!

This game is the third installment of an RPG series, called Reuben Quest. The first two parts are only available for TI-Graphing calculators, and this is the color port to the Gamebuino META!

This game is available in English, French and German! To change the language just change the language setting of your Gamebuino META.

If you find any bugs or spelling mistakes, please report them!


  • A: Interact
  • B: Use item
  • Menu: Status menu
  • Arrows: Move

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Author :  Come

Such a nice game

Author :  Sorunome

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

Note how the background music changes upon switching areas!

Note how the ambient light isn't static!

Note how the ambient light also changes upon switching areas!

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Even the nail varnish has the right ambient color!

Author :  Zeda

Holy cow, this is awesome! I am still playing your calc version and it's so cool to see this with color and sound!

Author :  deeph

Wow another person from the z80 scene ! Are you getting a gamebuino too ? That would be awesome since I know that you're a very skilled programer ! I remember your ultra optimised asm routines from Omnimaga :)

(there are a lot of awesome z80 programers I'd love to see develop things for the gamebuino (imagine a GB emu by calc84maniac !!) :) )

Author :  jicehel

Yes great game. I have begin to try yesterday. Very nice. You may maybe add an option to change speed of the text to avaid to have to press A to much to accelere it. Else the game is bug free it seems. I'll continue my tests but it's works really well and i have a world to discover  ;)  Monsters and fights are well done. I don't know all of them yet, just saw 3 atm but i'm just at the beginning upleveling in the forest with my stick. Alot of time to spend of this game i think to complete it  ;) Well done

Author :  jicehel

Hum blocked in the city of the king. The gates are closed... I have something to do with the king but i havent found yet ...

Author :  Sorunome

Go around and talk with others! :D

Author :  jicehel

Yes, yes, i have the barman engaged, the foxes, the library but i failed to find how to see king (i think it's the thing i have to do without noise ...). 

It's probably something i missed. I bought the water asw but i haven't find (yet) the idea to do new things. If i have no indice, i will continue to talk to people, i probably missed something. It's a great game else. Monsters are various and nice too

Author :  BansTT

There's someone in the south of town that talks about how he has an appointment with the king. If you speak to him after speaking to the guard in the far right of the castle he will give you his invitation.

Author :  jicehel

Thanks BansTT the adventure continue. Thanks for your help  ;)

Author :  Sorunome

nuuu spoilers!


Author :  jicehel

The game is very big others have alot to explore. Sorunome, as i read it's the third part of the adventure on calculators. I'm right ? if yes have you in mind to adapt the chapters 1 and 2 of the saga or to create a forth opus ?

Author :  Sorunome

Correct, this is the third part.

I currently don't have plans to adapt the other two, though, and I'm not sure yet what game I'll be working on after this.

Also, the first two combind are quite smaller & shorter than this one ;)

Author :  jicehel

OK, thanks for the information. You can always do it later to let us discover the story of this mirror but ill not spoil more  ;)

Author :  Come

Personally I can’t even touch the  first boss :/  je insta Kill me 

Author :  Sorunome

You need to grind some first, leveling up a few times ;)

Author :  jicehel

yes and a monster seems to hit too quick compared to other. I don't know if it's wanted but it's a nightmare after king when you explore... It attack every 2 or 3 seconds so you lost near 300 to 500 hp before be able to attack... it's alot more than other monsters of this level who make about 50hp by time you can attack them

Author :  Sorunome

Did you find the guy in aerilon who teaches you quicker attacks?