Rayne the rogue 2 coming soon -- By Shdwwzrd

Rayne the Rogue 2

Author :  Shdwwzrd

AVAILABLE for download here

After barely escaping the dragon's lairs Rayne traveled the world in search for the next big adventure. Rayne came across a rumor of a magic lamp hidden within a castle. The lamp is guarded by vicious creatures hunting down any interlopers. Help Rayne navigate the castle and avoid the beasts to get the lamp.

All games available at neoretro.games, donations accepted.

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Author :  Zockeromi

This is so unbelievable - i am really happy to get my hands on this (as well as for pokitto). Thanks for this outstanding project!

Author :  Sorunome

Do you have an animated screenshot for this? ^.^

Author :  Shdwwzrd

I added an animated screen shot to the first post

Author :  mike_j503

Pre-release hype; woot woot!

Author :  jicehel

Yes. Thanks alot for it  ;)  Great team works

Author :  Sorunome

Thank you, looks awesome!

Author :  Shdwwzrd

Thank you all for your comments, My team has spent the last month building and fine tuning the game. Full release is just around the corner now :)

Author :  jicehel

What's a good news. Thanks to all the team for your works and good games made.

Author :  Shdwwzrd

Rayne the Rogue 2 now available for download 

i have added the binary file so the demo can be played on this site.

If you would like the full version with Sounds you can download from our website here

Author :  Shdwwzrd

For those who played the game. Anyone beat the game and got a ranking? What ranking did you get? 

We are currently working on the 1.1 update with a new unlockable mode.

Author :  Shdwwzrd

Rayne the Rogue 2 Version 1.1 now available for download here

Author :  alxm

I finally started playing this game today, very nice work! The intro scene is really cool too, it sets a nice mood. My only feedback so far would be to show the Help page content on the Pause screen, I think that would make it easier for new players to get what's going on.