Problems with the Creations website

I created a game named DiggerMETA+

But 2 things don’t work on the website, see screenshots.

  1. This is an error message and it does not appear in the forum?
  2. Although it is playable in the emulator, but on the creationswebsite it does not started in the emulator?

Hi, I don’t know why the auto-creation of the topic didn’t work, but I changed a few settings. Please try again to press the “CREATE TOPIC” button on the error message. I hope it’ll work this time… If not I quite don’t know why this is happening …
For the emulator thing it’s because the emulator on the website is notup to date and doesn’t work with the recent games.
I hope @Aurelien_Rodot will update it soon.

… no effect :sleepy:

Is it possible, that the “+” character inside the projectname is a problem for the forumsoftware?


Gf Tikkel

damned… for the + character for what I know it shouldn’t be a problem… I don’t know what’s going on, sorry… I don’t work on the Gamebuino’s website anymore, it was only the time of an internship last summer, I installed the new forum and set up the topic creation automatism for new games, among other things… But right now I can’t really help you any further, I have no acess to error logs nor anything…
Maybe try again without the “+”… I really don’t know, it’s weird…