Problem stripes on screen

Hi !
I have kind of a problem with the screen of my Meta, some thin vertical stripes are now constantly appearing on the right of the screen, no matter what game or menu is displaying… this showed up for no apparent reason… but it’s doesn’t seems to go away…

Does anyone ever experienced such a problem ?
Can it be some kind of connection problem ?
Or is it that the screen could be really damaged ?

I tried to look at the screen connection as explain here, but the the “black thing” doesn’t move at all and I didn’t want to force it too much and break something… So I didn’t try further.

Thank you if anyone can help.

Hi ! That’s the article I would have linked to. The black thing is a bit brittle, but if you pull straight and evenly on both sides you should be fine. If not, don’t hesitate to stop by, and we’ll give it a look :slight_smile:

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