Platformers : the basis

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Pour les français, il y a une discussion en français ici si vous préférez :wink:


In this first workshop dedicated to platform game, we will lay the foundations of the genre.


In this first workshop we will create a basic platform game ! The game will not be sexy graphically since we will focus on the game mechanics :

  • move and jump ;
  • interact with objects ;
  • physics management ;
  • game management ;
  • management of a high score table.

Starting with rectangles as a character or platform allows you to calibrate the game.

Here is a capture of the game we are going to make :
Screenshoot of game

You want to discover how to make such a game then follow the link : Platformers : the basis


Thank you for your work @chris-scientist this is great :).

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Skimming through this, this looks like a really extensive tutorial! Great job!


Thank’s ! It’s not a secret but I work already on the next workshop :wink: