Pico monsters -- By deeph

Pico Monsters

Author :  deeph

Pico Monsters (aka Picomon) is an adaptation of an existing Pico-8 game Pico Monsters by Headchant. To quote the original author :

In this game there are markers called 'picostops' scattered throughout the map which drop random items whenever you have defeated a few wild monsters. 'Picostops' also replenish and revive all the monsters in your party. Catch new monsters with picoballs.

Due to the save restrictions of pico8 the team size in this is only 4. Every wild monsters can have up to 4 different moves it's recommended to catch and compare to build your best team. There is also a very small story about professor corks whereabouts...


To sum up, this game is a Pokémon-like RPG with 20 monsters to catch (4 types).

There have been a few changes from the original, mainly in attempt to balance a little more the difficulty :

  • the encountered wild monsters levels are now always in the range [-3;+1] of the first one of your team
  • the picostops now only drops 1 item at a time and you have to defeat 2 monsters to get the reward
  • the damage calculation formula has also been changed to the one used in the Pok√©mon games
  • there have been a few changes in the stats data too


The battles may seems a little hard, but this game is made to be challenging. The key is to build a strong team and not hesitate to use items (potions...).

I acknowledge that it is difficult to be objective on this point, so feel free to give me your opinion on this, I might update it according to it.

The original forum post is right here : https://gamebuino.com/community/topic/picomon.

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Author :  clement

I cant wait to test it ! its seems fabulous :) 

Author :  jicehel

I hope you'll do a good tuto too to explain how to make games like this, choices, managment of maps, moves, asw... You game will probably use to take good idea in to make some other great games.

Author :  deeph

Thanks a lot ! I did spend a few hours on this project and tried to polish it as much as possible :)

I might try to explain the games mechanisms but the thing is that I do not master C++ (the OOP part more precisely). I think it's clearly visible while reading the sources, so it's not really a perfect example of what people should do will programing a RPG (I have "bad" assembly habits :p).

Plus I have to admit that my english is far from being perfect, but I could start doing it in french and then translate it.

However there's another upcoming RPG (Reuben Quest) by Sorunome that should be more exemplary ;)

Author :  jicehel

Si tu l'√©cris en fran√ßais, √©go√Įstement, √ßa me va bien. M√™me si tu ne ma√ģtrises pas le C, si tu expliques les m√©canismes, tes choix etc, √ßa sera bien. Pour les tutos C, n'oublions pas que l'√©quipe de Rodot va en faire par th√®me. Donc on aura d√©j√† mais ton approche dans la cr√©ation de ce jeu, tu es le seul √† pouvoir l'√©crire.

Author :  ragnarok93

Love this game :D. More games like this, please :D. Im working on some sort of turn based strategy ;).

Author :  deeph

Thanks, do you have any feedback concerning the difficulty ? I'll certainly update the game at some point, first to clean the source code (and make use of OOP) and then maybe to add some content too, since if have free memory left (like a proper end) :)

I'm also planning to do other pokémon-like games (with a map editor in Python to create data files that will be read from the SD card), but not until I find more free time...

Author :  Adamko

Comment on récupère des picobales?

Author :  deeph

Il faut en récupérer aux picostops après avoir vaincu au moins deux monstres. Le tirage des objets est aléatoire mais j'avoue qu'il arrive parfois que certains objets sortent très peu comparé à d'autres mais ce n'est pas volontaire...

Peut-être faut-il que j'ajuste la difficulté sur ce point en distribuant 2 objets tous les 2 monstres tués ou alors 1 objets après chaque combat... Dites moi ce que vous en pensez :)

Author :  Adamko

merci. moi je vous conseille de donner un objet aleatoirement tous les deux combats a peu pres en ayant recharger la vie de son monstre. parce que j arrive pas a vaincre deux monstres de suite sans rechagarger la vie de mon monstre et ca commence a moin m amuser. sinon super jeu

Author :  alxm

I've been playing this a lot lately, great port of a very nice game!

Author :  deeph

Thanks a lot ! I think I'm going to update it some day, I'm not really satisfied with some sfx (gb.sound.playOK & gb.sound.playCancel mainly). Plus I realized that the picoball are too difficult to get.

Now to find some free time to code :)

Author :  Chimrod

Hi deeph,

I've also noticed that when you save a game at a picostop, the game is saved before you get an object. So you need to save the game twice if you want to keep this object !

Author :  IceCrew

Bonjour deeph,

le code source que je voulais avoir proviens de ton jeu :p

serait-il possible que tu me l'envois ? En aucun cas je ne le publierais, qu'il soit modifié ou non.

Author :  Chimrod

Le code est disponible en haut de la page : https://gamebuino.com/creations/pico-monsters

(cliquer sur le lien ¬ę Voir le source ¬Ľ)

Author :  deeph

@Chimrod : you're right but that's how the original game do (I'll change that too in the next update).

@IceCrew : le code source est effectivement déjà en ligne, par contre il est assez lourdingue à lire (pas orienté objet). En lui même il est copyleft, donc libre à toi d'en faire ce que tu veux, par contre le contenu (images/sons/concept) appartient à un autre auteur, headchant, donc il faut lui demander son accord si tu veux publier une version uniquement légèrement modifiée du jeu.

Enfin n'hésite pas à me demander de l'aide pour décrypter le code source :)

Author :  MineLab

I saw the source code it was shocking.

Author :  deeph

What do you mean? It has been coded in a hurry and without using OOP (more with an assembler "state of mind"), so don't expect it to be a perfect example.

You better should take a look at the "sequel" : https://github.com/deeph-z80/slimes