Pegasus and the phantom riders -- By erico

World of Mock

Author :  erico

Here is a set of mockups where I plan to develop and release assets for one to make it happen.
There is a possibility I will try code the more simple ones. 

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Author :  MicroGames

Is this EPIC MINI GAMES typa thing? :)

(I don’t know have I wrote the „typa thing” right)

Author :  erico

Hehe, almost, these are a set of assets I created in hope to create games for the release date. I´m very noob at coding C so I will probably start with the café game, but I want to invite coders around here to work on the other mocks too. The plan is that each is a single game on its own and of course the coder gets to twist it the way he thinks better. ;)

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

@erico Where are the GIFs?! Show us your GIFs :D

Author :  erico

Oh yes, here the animated gifs. They all have been created with coding in mind, so the layout has space for overlays and things tile nicely, even the 3d one. ;)

Author :  erico

And here a few more, non animated ones. I´m particularly found of the Joust. :)

Author :  MicroGames

In one world "WOW"

(If gamebuino meta was released in 1991 then I would say this: "GAMEBUINO DOES WHAT ARDUBOY DON'T" If you don't get it than in the early 90's Sega's comercials where always saying this sentece: "SEGA DOES WHAT NINTEDON'T!" That's the point of this joke :) )

Author :  Drakker

I'm still amazed at how you managed to make the cowboy in your burger game look so good with so few pixels.

Author :  MicroGames

But thoes 3D graphics in the racing game WOW!

Author :  Domarius

Hmmmmm now that I know these are just mockups, I will wait and see if that 3D is actually possible...

I really like the 80x64 pixel art 2D though.

Author :  jicehel

Cool Double Dragon seems extra  ;)  the use of the sprites / colors is very good  ;)  I hope what i'll have fun with my meta with these games. Seems in good way. Continue to hard coding alot of good game and let the more easy for us to learn / share  ;)

Author :  ible

i also really love the 3d racers.  i've done some 3d stuff for the bitbox, but nothing as involved as the racers.  also the bitbox has a bit more oompah, but we can do things differently for the gamebuino.

favorite part is the other racer falling off the edge after the jump.

Author :  jicehel

It's true: 3d racers is a vey good code. It's on this type of program that you see that the man who done it as alot experience.

Author :  jicehel

I hope to see this games soon. Some seems to be very fun and could be so cool add the the games library of the META. I dream of the bike race or the double dragon fighting game. I imagine the fun with the pinball... 

Author :  ddrmax

Maybe the snake one could be one of the first game that i will code to show up the use of my future networking library ( your mockup shows two snakes )

Author :  erico

Very nice @ddrmax!
Double Dragon is probably the least possible I guess because it would require a lot of art work. The Shufflepuck and Snake are the more easier ones..

Author :  jicehel

Right and pinball should be easy too to program

Author :  erico

I guess. Maybe the ball´s dynamics won´t be much of a trouble at this resolution, still, it would need some funky collision detection against the table.

Author :  Voxel5000


Author :  Zockeromi

Any news on this project? Would be really sad if it wouldn’t be continued...