Padino -- By Alban


Author :  Alban

Oasis demonstrated that we could use the Gamebuino Meta as a USB HID device:

With his courtesy, I've built on his idea and recycled code from an old project of mine (an Arduino-based arcade stick), and, ta-da! Here is Padino, the application that allows you to use your Gamebuino meta as a gamepad.

Here is a video of Padino in action:

Version 2 allows you to use all 4 action buttons, and may have a lower latency than v1. For games that do not allow you to use a HID gamepad, a keyboard fallback is available using a combination of presses displayed on screen (down + menu + A + B).


  • Download the application, the same as any game
  • Plug your Gamebuino Meta into the USB port of your PC / raspberry pi / whatever
  • Start the application from the main menu, your Gamebuino Meta will be seen as a standard HID gamepad + a keyboard controller
  • That' all!

As the Home button is overridden, you'll have to switch the Gamebuino off and on again to return to the game selection menu.

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Author :  mike_j503

Lol, not that I have felt much need for a gamepad up until now; but seeing what a great idea it is, now i want it. would prob work great with GB/GBC or NES emulator on PC.

How would one set the gamebuino up to work this way? Could you give a broad overview pleas?

Author :  Alban

It's very simple: just install the Padino application as you would any other application.

Plug you gamebuino through USB to your computer, start the app: if you're on Windows, you'll see an "ardu" controller appear in your list of game controllers. And voilà.

Internally, it just declares the Gamebuino Meta as a USB HID gamepad device with 3 buttons, and converts button presses into HID events.

Author :  Max

Really ? Just awesome ! Welldone

Author :  mike_j503

I just tried it, and it worked perfectly for me. 

Just install the bin on gamebuino, run it, plug into pc, then find something with gamepad support. I played the retro shooter game 'Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt' (you can get it here for free for windows ; it's also on STEAM) (and there's a sequel, too)

It uses only the D-pad and one action button (for bombs) and didn't need to be configured upon start-up

Oh, and you can use 'game controller' (windows search) to quickly see if controller works correctly.

Author :  Alban

Nice to know ! It should work with any game accepting standard gamepads (i.e. not requiring xinput devices like xbox pads)
Author :  Oasis

Very cool with the home button!! :) Im glad you made this as i couldnt have ever done it - also the code is a better example as it is more efficient and less messy than mine

Ive installed it on mine!!

Author :  makerSquirrel

cool thing! I like when one can use a device for more than one purpose.

It would be cool, though, if you would upload the bin onto the page sooner or later. That would allow us to add it to our collection and automatically pull the newest version you uploaded whenever we get our collection.

Author :  Alban

Thanks for noticing, obviously something went wrong, I thought I had done it. I'll fix it!

Edit: the "padino.bin" file appears when I upload it, but the creations page does not display it. Has anyone got an idea? Is it because I classified it as "utility"?

Author :  makerSquirrel

this might be it. Sylvain knows more about that...

Author :  Oasis

you hav probrably kept it in "work in progress"

Author :  Alban

I've classified it as "game", and now everything appears as (I) expected :-) Thanks

found my new mouse :slight_smile:

and i don’t need a keyboard with the virtual keyboard :wink: