Number of instructions limit in Python?


I try to make a program in Python, and when I add a new instruction (by example a simple display.println('test')) then the program not run. And if I delete this new instruction it’s run !

Same problem when I add a function.

(My program it’s procedural program.)

Have you a idea ?

Thanks in advance

You’ve probably reached the limits of RAM. For some reason, the memory is quickly saturated when initializing META, when it still seems available (when gc.mem_free() is used). So if your program is too long, it crashes. I have raised this issue many times without anyone providing a satisfactory answer…

When I show free RAM with getFreeRam() so the program to show 17232 !

With the source code :

def endGame():
    looser = getLooser()

Note : this function is not called in my program for the moment.

If add a instruction like that (it’s sample) :

def endGame():
    looser = getLooser()

So the program it’s not run ! println function use more 17000 bytes of ram ? I have to make a test and it’s to use somethings like 200 bytes…