Newsletter of the metafans - By jicehel

Author :  jicehel

English version after 


Bonjour à tous,

L'équipe de la META est pas mal occupée et a du mal à sortir une newsletter hebdo, mais j'aimais bien leur newsletter. Alors je vous propose que l'on en sorte une mais entre nous (on vire l'équipe de la META des commandes mais bon dans notre extrême bonté, on est comme ça nous, on sera prêt à accepter leurs articles s'ils le souhaitent...  :D)

Qui serait intéressé pour contribuer ? Qui souhaiterait être le rédacteur en chef ? Je vous propose de faire un salon privé sur discord.
L'idée serait de faire les articles avant le mardi, de les corriger avant le jeudi, à partir de là, le rédacteur en chef fait une maquette sur ce site pour le samedi soir. Les auteurs relisent et valident la maquette pour le dimanche soir et la newsletter est publiée le lundi.

Entre temps il y a eu discussion des sujets de la nouvelle newsletter et les articles ont commencé à être rédigé et posté sur le salon privé du discord ou mieux dans une partie réservée de ce forum (comme pour l'académie) pour la newsletter suivante.

Le but est donc de savoir qui serait intéressé par l'idée, qui serait candidat pour être rédacteur en chef, qui serait candidat pour écrire des articles en français et qui serait candidat pour les traduire en anglais.

Si ça se fait Sylvain, penses tu qu'il pourrait y avoir un espace dédié aux journaux avec la version française et la version anglaise (voir d'autres versions si des personnes se proposent pour faire des traductions) et un système de droits pour que les contributeurs puissent lire la newsletter non publiée et y ajouter leur article et des droits de publication. Pendant que je demande des choses, serait-il possible d'avoir aussi section qui garderait la validation des relecteurs (juste une zone ou quand on relit, si on clique sur OK pour publication, le nom du relecteur est gardé sur l'article) et des droits de publication.

Pour que nos amis anglosaxons ne soient pas exclu, je propose que le discord de discussion utilisé soit en anglais uniquement (contrairement aux rédacteurs d'article qui pourront ne les écrire qu'en français mais un article ne sera publié que s'il est traduit en anglais donc ça veut dire que si le rédacteur n'écrit qu'en français, il faudra donc que quelqu'un traduise l'article avant sa publication)


Hello everyone,

The team of META is alot busy and struggling to release a weekly newsletter, but I liked their newsletter. So I suggest that we write one but between us the users

Who would be interested to contribute? Who would like to be the editor? I propose we create a private section on discord.
The idea would be to write articles for Tuesdays, correct them before Thursdays, from there, the editor makes a model on this site for Saturday nights. The authors review and validate the model for Sunday evening and the newsletter is published on Mondays.

In the meantime there has been discussions of the topics of the new newsletter and the articles have started to be written and posted on the private section of discord or better in a reserved part of this forum (as for the academy) for the next newsletter.

The goal is to know who would be interested in the idea, who would be a candidate to be editor, who would be a candidate to write articles in English and who would be a candidate to translate them into French.

If it's done Sylvain, do you think there could be a space dedicated to newspapers with the French version and the English version (and maybe other versions if people propose to translate articles in others langages) and a system of rights to let Contributors read the unpublished newsletter and add their articles and publication rights. While I ask for things, would it be possible to have also section that would keep the validation of the proofreaders (just a zone where when we review an article, if we click on 'OK for publication', the name of the reviewer is kept on the article) and publication rights.

Note, the discussion will be in english but if you write only an article in english, it will have to be translated before to be published. All articles of the newsletter will have to be in french and in english before be publicated


It's just to know if some people would be interested, then if a tream can be created we would be able to speak about subject, format. 

The idea is to be able to manage it by ourself but of course, if team want publish an article, use the newsletter to launch a contest,  they'll be welcome. For other topics, we'll be able to discuss about them if a team is done.

Author :  jicehel

Ouch, nobody seems interested, I let this subject open for a week to see if we can form a crew to do it. Max it seems you could be interested to be the redactor ? If you want contribute each week for a part, please say it to know if it's a realistic idea or just an idea which can't be realized.

Author :  Max

Salut Jicehel,
C'est une bonne idée :)
Je veux bien me greffer au groupe pour apporter des suggestions de contenu pour la news

Author :  jicehel

Hi Max, if we are enough, are you agree to talk english with other redactors when we decide wich article, asw.
Sandra would you be one of the contributor (create some articles / exchange about articles, asw...)
Else Max, will you make articles french and english ?

I'm up to writh some articles too and to make part of the team. I know that Steph is ok to write some articles and even he can't do each week (as a great part of us) if he's ok, i think he should join the team.

To be fine, i think we should be 5 or more even we don't write an article each week, it's let us have backup, readers / translators and exchange about ideas. Of course i think that everyone even not in the team could be able to propose an article but then team will be done we'll be able to exchange about format, subjects, asw...

Maybe it's could be great if Sylvain joined the team to begin to make it more easy to add tools or talk about it.

For the subjects atm i think we could have:

  • Events of last week: Main events past
  • Learn C++: ¬†Take a point of C++ and explain it (just a little point, something to explain: variables, pointers, array, ...)
  • Learn Python: ¬†Take a point of Python and explain it (just a little point, something to explain: variables, pointers, array, ...)
  • More about a creation: Focus on a creation and his author
  • If we can maybe add a week contest or / and a poll on a subject
  • News from Gamebuino team: a possible article if Gamebuino team have a message to give
  • Results of the contest of last week: ¬†Contain the results of last poll or contest.


Author :  Thierry

What follows is a pure personal opinion, to be discussed. I have no Truth and accept any contradiction.

I love this community.

That's not the first time I read this in the community: this is nice to try to always have english version to includes english speakers/readers.

But doing this, you exclude people without the needed english skills, starting with younger members, but able to contribute in french. Or unable to have enough time to write both languages versions.

It can be a company/business choice to force english usage, it cannot be a good things from a community.

Kids always understand they need to improve their english to push further in the development world, but they will stay at the door and go away if they see everywhere signs saying "In english please"

Author :  jicehel

Atm, we just recruit writters into English or and French. No need to use the 2 langages but to be published, the article will just have to be translated by someone, it's why we would know too the people who would be aggree to make translations from one langage to another.

The idea (and it's probable not well explained it's why it's always better to to read before being published) is to let all who can writte things often for the weekly newsletter enter in the team and more than that even after creation of the team (about 7 people should be good i think as less will maybe cause problem and more will make decisions hardier), we have to find a system to let anybody be able to submit a message for the weekly newsletter, the team will be able to vote if it's added or not and if it's not done, to translate it. The idea is not to contraint writter to writte in both langages but that the article before being published have to be translated in both langages.

For kids of other langage, it's would be cool if some other people would translate the news into spanish, deutsch, italien, japaneese, chineese, romanian, polish, russian, ... but i don't know if we could have people voluntary to do it and if Sylvain could implemant that on the site... At the moment i try already to know who would contribute and what he would do to try to imagine what we could be able to do with cool people who want share their passion with others.

Author :  LYSANDRE

Une très bonne idée, j'aimerais vous apporter ma contribution mais j'ai vraiment un gros manque de temps.

Le commencement peut être compliqué mais souvent c'est une personne qui crée de la synergie ;-) 

je soutiens la démanche à 200 %. Bon courage à tous.

Author :  Come

si il te faut encore des gens je suis la :D

Author :  jicehel

Great Come, you're welcome, so atm we are 4 up to do it but mainly french. Are the english here... Are them all out of time, would they all ead my poor english ? I think that we could launch it with one or better two more people, espacialy with some good level english people or / and people who could translate fine french and english.

Author :  jicehel

So if you're english or french with a very good english level or other with a good level of french and english, if you want join us, you're welcome... Even its just to help for translations

Author :  Come

i think that in the group we'll be able to translate if nobody want to join us ^^

Author :  jicehel

Cool as me, as you can often read it, im not good for that... My english level is not very good

Author :  Sorunome

Soru would love to see such a newletter thingy, however she doesn't have enough time to actively participate in it much, unfortunately :[

Author :  jicehel

Hum maybe as an occasional member you have always your place in the team anyway even you can't paticipate always.

Author :  jicehel

Hum, it seems than no one have time to contribute every week. ATM it seems that its cant be done but to be sure all who have answered or would paticipate, can you please respond to this survey:

1/ Can you write an article every week / two week / one by month

2/ Can ou write article in french / or / and english

3/ Have you time to translate one article from french to english or / and english to french every week

4/ Have you time to read and correct articles in french or english

If it's not possible atm, it's not impotant, it's could maybe be done later  ;)

Author :  Come

Well then it the begining why not making one every 2 week 

1)  every 2 week personally 

2) both 

3)i définitly think I can 

4) I got times so yes 

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Very good suggestion, we'd be happy to publish it !

The one who writes and the one who translate doesn't have to be the same person, this way anybody can write the article no matter their language skills.

My 2 cents :

To translate quickly, we use and re-read the result to fix the few mistakes.

For grammar checking, this tool is very powerful and has a chrome extension :

To track the progress of all the articles being written, you definitly should make a trello board

I know, I'm crazy with all my tools, don't judge me.

Author :  makerSquirrel

nice idea. Unfortunately I am to consumed by my work at the moment, so maybe I could help out in July or so, but not now..

Author :  jicehel

NP, i think we'll try to organize it and make tools to make it possible and as we are very few, atm, it's will probably by a letter with the frequency: "when we can" until we reach a good organisation and enough member to keep it regular...
The subject stay open atm to let people have time to answer but it seems we'll not be alot more for the moment.