New specs - By Valden

Author :  DFX2KX

ohhhh, nice screen upgrade there. I assume that'll increase the screen buffer size slightly?

Author :  faxmodem

what oss tracker would you recommend? I've read Milkytracker is pretty good

Author :  hiveplay12345

I have question. Gamebuino Meta has microsd storage limit beacuse I have 16gb microsd card so I can use it?

Author :  Sorunome

As long as your micro SD card is FAT32 formatted it should work!

Author :  hiveplay12345

charged through micro USB B port (like a regular phone)

Really? The normal phone has MicroUSB.

USB B is for printers and often Arduino.

So it's MicroUSB or USB B?

Author :  jicehel


Author :  Sorunome

yes, charged through micro USB B port, that is the micro usb type found on phones. (as opposed to type A or type AB, see link below)

Here is a handy chart, where you can easily see that micro usb type B is actually what the META has ^^

Author :  hiveplay12345

oh okay. I don't know about the micro USB B type.