New creation : Meta Warfare - by sentinel87

Meta warfare

Meta Warfare is a strategy game where you take command over your army and try to beat your opponent.


At the begining you start with only several units and your HQ. After getting access to military base you can unlock new units and build them. At the start all units except INFANTRY will be locked. After gaining enough funds you can upgrade base level (‘UP’ choice) to unlock additional units. Funds can be acquired from captured buildings. Each building will grant you additional funds every turn to buy new units.

There are two map modes:

  • CONQUEST - your objective is to capture enemy HQ
  • CAPTURE - your objective is to control 8 buildings at the end of your turn

Game content:

  • Tutorial mode
  • Multiplayer mode (2 players)
  • 2 tutorial maps
  • 7 maps for 2 players (4 CONQUEST, 3 CAPTURE)
  • 8 playable units
  • 9 base upgrade levels
  • 1 save slot


  • INFANTRY - basic unit, very weak. It can cross mountains and capture buildings.
  • AT INFANTRY - upgraded infantry with weapons to destroy MD TANK and HALFTRUCK. They are slower than standard Infantry, but they can also capture buildings.
  • HALFTRUCK - light armored vehicle designed to destroy infantry. It has the highest moving range, but it is uneffective against heavy armored vehicles.
  • MD TANK - main offensive unit, it is very mobile and can be use to block early enemy offensive. Weak vs HV TANK and TANK DESTROYER.
  • MOBILE ARTILLERY - indirect unit, good in defensive. Has shorter range then MOBILE SSM, but can shoot at point blank range. It cannot defend.
  • MOBILE SSM - indirect unit. Has the highest attack range in the game. It cannot defend.
  • HV TANK - heavy tank designed to break front lines and guard buildings.
  • TANK DESTROYER - the most powerful unit in the game. It has the same firepower as HV TANK, but gets additional attack from the terrain bonus (building, forest).



  • A - select option
  • Arrows Up/Down - move between options


  • Arrows - scroll map/select unit/select place to move unit/select attack target
  • A - select unit/select action in dropdown menu/attack/(on captured base)enter base screen
  • B - cancel current action (before pressing A to confirm)
  • HOME - open info menu


First version does’t have campaign for 1 player (planned to add in the future releases).

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congratulations, great job @sentinel87

Great, this game was needed :slight_smile: Thanks for it Sentinel87

nicely done, this is a great addition to the gamebuino

Nice game, but I don’t manage to hit the campaign menu (stays grey, although all tutorials have been done twice!).
Is there a hidden trick to access the campaign?

No, the campaign is not designed yet. I need to implement some AI Script in the next release. So far you can only play tutorial and multiplayer :slight_smile:

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I really hope you’ll do campaign and solve the AI scripts because this game can really be amazing. I hope you’ll find the good mix between difficulty and fun. It’s a hard part but if you success, it’s will make a top game of the META and the only one in his category (at less for the moment as the source coup open doors for some other players / creators)

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Ok, from now you can play with console player :slight_smile: Wishing luck in the upcoming battles!

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Thanks you for the upgrade.

Great update. “Campaign” done. Amazing.

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