Metatris -- By Riksu9000


Author :  Riksu9000

METAtris is a game where you fill rows with blocks to clear them and try to survive as long as possible, while aiming for the high score. 


Left/Right moves block 

Down makes block fall faster

Up instantly drops block

A-button rotates block

Changes in v4.1

-Difficulty increases faster for quicker games

Changes in v4:
-Some new graphics
-Minor bugs fixed
-Cleaned up the code a bit

Note: Old high scores will work in v4 but new high scores won't work in earlier versions.

Thanks to gouz for the Image to code converter

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Author :  ragnarok93

Nice creation ! I would add some music playing in the background and sound effects if it isnt here (playing on emulator that dont play sounds). Would add game over option and some options like hard mode - playing only on half of the board :).

Author :  Riksu9000

Thank you! There are no sounds yet and the difficulty should increase as the level goes up. The game already has support to start from a harder level but I have yet to create the menu :p.

Author :  Max

Hi, could you share the .ino, it's can be a source of inspiration for noobs like me :)

Author :  Riksu9000

Yes, of course. I thought I put it in the zip but I guess I forgot.. I will definitely include it in the next version! :)

Author :  SuperSoyBoy3000

Nice game. I love tetris. What I would like is a high score system so I can brag to my friends. 

Author :  clement

Hi I download and test if last night ,

The game is good but I have a bug at the end.

no end game only the new block arrived at the top again and again....

Author :  ragnarok93

Same thing here ;)

Author :  Riksu9000

Hmm, that's odd. Did you download v1 or v2? V2 is the newest version and the game over screen works fine for me.

Author :  alxm

Just tried V2, very nice!

A few thoughts on inputs: I did not expect pressing Up to instantly drop the piece all the way down, I thought it would rotate it instead and only pressing Down would drop it. Also, I think autorepeating Left and Right at a slow rate would improve play.

Looking forward to V3 :-)

Author :  trelemar

Your LED effects are so satisfying. Fun game thank you for remaking this classic :)

Author :  Aurélien Rodot

Hey, you might be interested in getting this on every Gamebuino, you should apply for the Quality Seal :)

Author :  Sorunome

Even though most already know what tetris is, please add some kind of game description for the Quality Seal, thank you!

EDIT: Also, is there any reasons you used a custom keyboard instead of gb.keyboard with fetching the name set in the loader using gb.getDefaultName ?

Author :  Riksu9000

Okay I will add a description to the game.

The reason I didn't use the keyboard is that I didn't know it existed haha. But I would like to know if it's ok to use considering it's in the danger zone in the reference. Though I also kinda like the simple keyboard that is currently used, so i'll have to think about it.

Edit: I will soon update to use the new keyboard

Author :  ragnarok93

Would be nice if this game have some relaxing music playing in background ;).

Author :  Nico595

Great one ! 

Here is my high score, for now...

Author :  Thorgan

Hey @Riksu9000,

The game is great!
I have a little suggestion: I'd love to have the "hold" feature as found in other tetrises.

"Using the B button, you can store the current piece once and recall the previously held piece (if any)."


Author :


I will write down details and gives the code to Riksu9000 who wrote MetaTris

Author :


Great you managed to figure it out! It looks cool! ^.^

Author :


now I have to really understand SPI to write a minimal overview for an article :slight_smile:

Once more, thanks for your help.

I read other threads around SPI and Gamebuino here and it looks like there is a need for a clear documentation on how to use hardware SPI.

It was not useful for me, 8x8 led matrix does not need high frequency