Metaslot - A Laptimer for Slotcars

Metaslot a laptimer for slotcars

A simple laptimer for slotcars. Use D-PAD to "emulate" IR detection. Personnaly i use Sharp GP2Y0D805Z0F linked on digital entries to count laps. I you try it, compile the program and remove comment on digitalread lines ;)

More photo and tuto to comes !

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You finally gave up on the idea of NFC/RFID :thinking:

Looking forward to seeing the device working on a video (in addition to the photos)!
And it’s a very good idea to write a tutorial.
There is a serious shortage in the field of electronics with the META.

No ! I don’t gave up ! But i don’t received m’y kit … :kissing:

I was needed à simple program to test some solutions. For training solo, this one is VERY easy to build and can be using whith slot, miniZ, train, etc … You have juste to choose thé correct sensors un thé Sharp series (mine have a détection field of 10cm)

Indeed, there are quite a few interesting Sharp sensors. Nevertheless, I found this one at Pimoroni which offers an even greater detection range (depth / angle) and can be used in many projects (including robotics) driven by the Gamebuino. It is also very easy to implement.

Hey, a LIDAR :heart_eyes: It’s very useful !! , you have successufully tested this one ? I have the same in stock in my worksshop (the version from Aurora seller of ebay). I was thinking coupling it with the NFC to “enable” detection only when a car pass.

For my actual prototype, i use a Sharp GP2Y0D805Z0F or Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F.

Both works great and are VERY simple to use, as you can see on the photo :

Black on ground , Red on 3.3V, Signal on Digital 3 !!

On my code, i juste add something classic

byte IR; //IR detector 1 false, 0 true
byte IRPin = 3; // IR pins declaration
pinMode(IRPin,INPUT); //in SETUP, pin 3 is an INPUT (he receive data)
IR[ = digitalRead(IRPin); //in loop, before gbupdate, to “read” the sensor

The only complicated part was to avoid multiple detection with a small cooldown and a boolean for authorize to read the sensor ONLY when the car as completly passed.

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Ha ha… unfortunately not yet… as I was telling you, until now, I’ve never looked at the use of the Gambuino in electronic DIY… simply because I’ve never done it :confused:

On the other hand, the fact of discussing it with you, and with other friends who ask me to help them with their projects, really made me want to get into it. So I ordered some equipment… that I’m waiting for (I live in Reunion Island… and it’s the end of the world… the deliveries last for weeks).

So, I haven’t tested the Pimoroni laser sensor yet, but it seems very simple to me since it has an I2C interface.

The first thing I will have to do is to solder the pins of my developer backpack (which is of the old generation). But after that, I intend to play with a lot of stuff :joy:

And now that I’ve just immersed myself in many readings on the subject, I realize that it’s not that difficult! For me, the novelty only concerns the electronic part. For the code, I think I’ll be fine.

Small update this WE,

I build a REAL arch with two 5cm Sharp IR sensor, some 20x20 aluminium square and 3D printing.

I also use the breadbord backpack to “integrate” the gamebuino and create a real “plug’in system”.

It work’s great, i’m happy :slight_smile:

I encountered only 3 problems :

  • The height of the arches must be adjusted finely.
  • The “left” 3.3V pin on this backpak is not alimented :expressionless: , i verifiy all backpack i have, all have same problem !
  • When you use screen rotation AND menu, it doesn’t invert command in menu.

Todo :

  • Wrote “correctly” the program and add sound, graphics, save of time, etc.
  • Add the “NFC” part


Great achievement!

Strange that one of the 3.3 V pins is not powered… Here is the diagram of the pins on the Gamebuino board:

Maybe you can check why the pins on the backpack are not wired? This question should be asked more broadly on the forum to see if others have encountered the same anomaly? And you should even ask @Aurelien_Rodot the question!

As far as the menu is concerned… @Sorunome is the one to ask… but I suppose that the rotation has not been planned (?)

You must be looking forward to receiving your NFC/RFID reader. We are waiting for the finalization of your installation… and especially a nice tutorial on the full implementation! :wink:

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Nice, i hope you’ll do a beautifull video then complete. It’s should be nice to see :wink:

As shown on the diagram it’s normal that they are not connected, it’s free pins for potential future additions. The backpack shown on the picture is and old version that still has the “3V3” label, I’ll make sure to remove it in the future batches. Thanks for your watchfulness :slight_smile:
Have a great day,

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Thank you for these clarifications @Aurelien_Rodot.

I’ll make sure to remove it in the future batches.

This short sentence tends to remove my concern about the future.

It’s good to see you back with us!
I hope you will come back more often and that the community can take a new impetus.

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