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Meta screen recorder

Create animated GIFs from screen recording

Are you developing a new game? Are you proud of your new creation and want to demonstrate it without further delay on Discord or on the website? You will probably want to create an animated GIF to show your masterpiece to the whole community.

Introducing META Screen Recorder, a new screen recording tool for your applications. This utility complements the built-in tool of the META (accessible by the Home button), to offer you more flexibility, simplicity and features:

  • Start and stop recording the screen whenever you want, without interrupting the progress of your application.
  • Start and stop recording directly in your code with startRecording() and stopRecording().
  • Take advantage of META's full capabilities and record your applications running in High Resolution!

META Screen Recorder works on macOS, Linux and Windows.

You want to know how it works?

Take a look at:

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Author :  Sorunome

Looking nice!

Just so you know, quite a few of these are already available in the core library itself! You can start screen recording, or, recording of any Image with myimage.startRecording("recfile.gmv"); and then stop with myimage.stopRecording();.
For Example:

// some code

You can then grab the gmv file onto your computer and either use the online converter or run it locally on your pc (it is open source!)

As the library only goes via images, though, it won't do direct gb.tft access stuffs.

Author :  Steph

Hi Soru,

Thank you for that clarification. In fact, at the beginning, I had made this tool for my needs: to make screenshots in high resolution. And as I find it really very practical, I thought it would be nice to share it. So I added support for the standard resolution.

In addition, I found it really painful to have to grab my screenshots on the microSD. It's too much handling, especially when you have to do it 10 times to get the perfect recording... So it's much more convenient to retrieve the recordings live on your PC, when the META is connected to its USB cable...

Thanks Steph for making this recorder available. Although it requires a few changes to your program, I agree that it is a convenient way to create screen recordings.

When using it for my new game, however, I found that it did not yet support export when using hi-res indexed display mode. I extended the recorder to support this and just sent you a pull request for the same.

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I think it’s could be great to intagrate it natively in the META system. Someone think he could do it ?

The first question is how it should be integrated. Should it replace or extend the current screen recorder. Although the currently built-in mechanism may be less powerful, it is more user-friendly (not need to install client-side software, it has a self-explanatory UI). So how to combine this? Alternatively, it could also be offered alongside the existing mechanism, but then it may overall use more memory than required (I don’t know how much state both recorders could share). To mitigate that, it could be distributed as part of the Gamebuino library, but it could still require opt-in via a define. That might be a good idea anyway, as you may not want to have this active in your production build. It then also does not always “block” the menu button, which you may use for other functionality. So maybe the current mechanism is okay, requiring an explicit opt-in and let’s you tweak how to enable it. You need to set-up client-side scripting anyway…

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Sure. I don’t really know how to optimize that but it’s could be fine to have it natively as activable option

Hello @eriban,

Thank you very much for your piece of code. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, I’m swamped at work right now. But I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to integrate your contribution, and especially to test your new game!

Thanks again,

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Hello Erwin,

I’ve taken your pull request into account yesterday. Thank you very much for your contribution. I had never needed to save the 160x128 indexed display mode, but it’s a very good thing that we can do it now. I sent you a little request before I merged your branch. I would indeed like your name to appear as a contributor in the ScreenRecorder class… I don’t know if you’ve seen it. So I’d rather warn you here in case you didn’t :wink:

I merged your index-mode branch into master.
Thanks again for your help.

Now I just have to formalize my thanks in the doc and php script :wink:
I’m trying to do it as soon as possible…

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