Lava s warth -- By Nux

Lava's Wrath

Author :  Nux

Correct Name: Lava's Wrath

Type: Snake-like

Game state: Early (lot of stuff are temporary and are waiting to be add or remove)

Work in progress:

Story: You are a spirit of lava eating gems to grow.


D-Pad: to move the spirit

Menu: end the party earlier

Home: pause the game

Note from the maker:

Hello, this is the first time than i try to code something by myself and so, I am intereset by every feedback (as much about the code than about the game himself).

Also, My todo list are only a part of the idea i wish to add to my game, i will add more later when my idea will be more define and with feedback

I am focus to end the classic mode for now the tricky mode stay secret until this first one is finish :)

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Author :  Sorunome

Here, I made a screenshot for those who are curious!

That being said, the first thing i noticed is, that the background of the snake is a slightly different black than the overall background! D: The game is what it promises to be, though: a snake game where you collect the things to grow and you have to collect as many as possible. I personally enjoyed the yellow glowing effect when you collected the things.

As for the source side, to be able to compile the game i had to rename the folder LavasWarth to LavasWrath, as in arduino the .ino file has to have the same name as the folder it is in.

The code seems to be nicely structured into .h and .cpp files, which is a good thing to keep things separated. But yeah, glimpsing over the code it looks pretty ok IMO ^.^

Author :  Nux

I have update the git hub folder, thanks !

The background of the snake is supose to be cold rock. I was wanting to use a dark brown but it is to much dark and I will redo it.

Author :  Sorunome

Also, Warth vs Wrath is inconsistent throughout many things - this topic, readme of the repo etc. I believe Wrath is the correct spelling

Author :  Nux

Damn, even the topics name Q.Q

I am shuffeling the R and the A every time :(

Yes it is Wrath.

I have edite them (topic title and Readme)