Invader of yoda ported on meta -- By jicehel

Invader of Yoda ported on META

Author :  jicehel

Hello, there is many games on on classic (and on arduboy) not yet in the library of the META (even some games of your Aurélien), so i decided to port one of them: Invader make by Yoda.

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Author :  jicehel

Hi no one have an idea of the reason why ship and ennemies are not draw ? Seems same than shots and bunkers.

Else i have replace sounds by wav but i have no sound playing but that i think it's because i don't use wav as i should.

Thanks for help. This yoda's game can quickly be a cool game of the META.

Author :  aoneill

I remember having problems when drawing really small bitmaps. I changed the width from 7 to 8 for the ship and enemies and things started drawing correctly. Might have to dig into the source code for drawBitmap to figure out whether it is a bug in the library or if it is the format of the bitmap.

const byte invader[8][7] = {
  {8,5, B00111000,B11010110,B11111110,B00101000,B11000110},
  {8,5, B00111000,B11010110,B11111110,B01000100,B00101000},
  {8,5, B00010000,B10111010,B11010110,B01111100,B00101000},
  {8,5, B00111000,B01010100,B11111110,B10010010,B00101000},
  {8,5, B00111000,B01010100,B01111100,B01000100,B00101000},
  {8,5, B00111000,B01010100,B01111100,B00101000,B01010100},
  {8,5, B01010100,B10000010,B01010100,B10000010,B01010100},
  {8,5, B01010100,B10000010,B01010100,B10000010,B01010100},
const byte playership[3][6] = {
  {8,4, B00010000,B01111100,B11111110,B11111110},
  {8,4, B10001010,B01000000,B00000100,B10010010},
  {8,4, B10010010,B00000100,B01000000,B10001010},

Author :  jicehel

Many thanks Aoneill, you found the problem  ;)  I'm back at home. I have make your change and make some change for use color with sprites.

Now Game is working fine. Now i have to add the sounds. First i would try the wav to see if it's can be used for games because sometimes it's easiest. If it's not 'playable' with sounds wav, i'll have to use soundfx but it's not my best part. 

So i have two question: first: why i have no sound i my actual code when i play wav ?

Second does someone use well soundfx and could make sounds to eplace wav files ? Sounds should be easy (i think) to do.

For all, upload last version: with solution of aoneil for the gfx bug, now the invaders of Yoda is playable with colors on META. Have fun with this standard.

Author :  jicehel

Version updated. I have had sounds. All propositions to perfect the port of the Yoda's version of invaders is welcome and have fun with this game.

Author :  Sorunome

What can i say? Space invaders is always fun! I have one suggestion, though: if you are down to only like 5 or less aliens the sound ticking for them progressing gets REALLY annoying, so maybe only make the sound every few ticks then?

Author :  jicehel

OK Sorunome, i'll adjust this  ;)  Will try to make it progressive but on original game sound stress is wanted i think (it's make same if i remember well)

Author :  jicehel

I'll works on sounds after PAQMAN, project: add score save and adjust sounds or let user choose in an option menu.

I'll maybe add some graphics too or change a few how it's done for both games. I hope to do it for sunday night. ;)

Author :  Sorunome

There is no need to add volume mute / volume control, as that is already part of the home menu

Author :  jicehel

Yes but you can't mute music only if you don't add an option in your game else it's could be an option in GUI but it's would mean that programers have to use the mechanics in their game (it's can be a good option too but it's maybe too specific). It's an independant option than the master volume. You can like playing with music, adjust the volume music or just use the sounds without a music wich can be repetitive after some times. 

Author :  Sorunome

Oh you mean like mute background music but still have sound effects? Makes sense!

Author :  jicehel

Saved highscore added + change for sound when few ennemies left (can be adjusted easy in code if needed) even i should have add more comments

Author :  Weveract

Hey, I wanted to port that game too :P

I guess you were faster :D

Author :  jicehel

:) there is alot games to port and pefect on Meta and if you have some good ideas or code to make it better, i'll take them  ;)

If you want Mario of the classic could be a great idea for a port on the Meta. Alot of good games of Arduboy can be ported too (not only cross compiled as a port with color can be better (i say cn because some monochromes games don't need colors)

Author :  jicehel

Thomas you downvoted this game because you don't like it ? Please explain me how i could improve it to let you like it more. It's not an extraordinary game but i thought it's could be fun... If you have voted it down it's probably you would that it's could be better but i'm interested to know why.